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When Passion Meets Philanthropy: Waterskiing During the Workweek

When Passion Meets Philanthropy: Waterskiing During the Workweek

A strong commitment to philanthropy and community service is an integral part of Fabick Cat’s culture and history. While financial resources are crucial to charitable organizations, we understand that volunteers are also a key component of their success. Fabick Cat employees are well known for donating their time and sharing their valuable skills, which is encouraged throughout our company.

To support the dedication of our employees, Fabick Cat offers up to 8 hours of additional paid time off every calendar year to help them serve others. These charitable hours do not impact the employee’s normal paid time off use or accrual. With approval from their managers, employees can take the time they need to volunteer alone or as a team to donate their time. This helps our employees give back to their communities and contribute to causes that are important to them.

A Story of Shared Success

As an organization, we would like to take a moment to recognize Ryan Peters, a Service Writer from our Eau Claire location, for his outstanding commitment to his community. He assisted the Bayside Show Ski Team by giving water skiing lessons to mobility impaired youth campers from Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch at their recent event. On June 15th, 2021, instructors and volunteers taught an accessible sit ski method so that about 40 campers could take to the water for an exciting time.

Sports play a crucial role in building confidence, and the National Wheelchair Sports Camp provides the opportunity for these children to participate in a supportive, inspiring environment. Taking the time to mentor youth has a lasting impact on our communities. Volunteers like Ryan make these efforts possible.

“I enjoy doing this because it gives these kids the courage to try something out of their comfort zone and it shows them if they put their mind to something, they can do it. It is also very interesting to hear their stories and how they have overcome their obstacles in life. I have a passion for waterskiing and like to be able to pass the torch and teach others to enjoy the sport as well.” – Ryan Peters, Eau Claire Service Writer

About Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch Camp

Ironwood’s National Wheelchair Sports Camp invites youth and adults with physical challenges of all levels to participate in a variety of sport-themed activities in a supportive and inspiring team environment. Campers are challenged to look beyond their disability, while being coached and mentored by world-class Paralympic athletes. Campers will be amazed and encouraged to things they felt never possible, while building relationships with others who face similar challenges.
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