SOS Fluid Analysis

Gives You a Healthy Bottom Line


Gives You a Healthy Bottom Line

The Value of SOS Fluid Analysis

The condition of the fluids in your equipment and engine says a lot about its overall health. Over time, replaceable components wear down and release traces of metal into engine and hydraulic oil — by monitoring the presence of these metals, we can anticipate when service will be necessary and schedule repairs accordingly. With routine SOS Services, you can keep an eye on the lifeblood of your machine.

All you have to do is provide the sample, using one of our convenient Fabick Cat sample kits. Our fluid analysis experts do the rest—using proprietary processes, sophisticated chemistry and the latest technology to reveal excessive wear, contaminated fluids or other “unseen” issues. You get reports you can understand and recommendations you can act on, fast.

Avoid costly failures.

Allowing an issue to go to failure can double or triple your repair costs—or more. Using expert fluid analysis recommendations, you can adjust or replace a single part, preventing a small problem from becoming a major repair. Save yourself time, money and undo stress by leveraging a program that’s designed to help you be successful.

Boost your productivity.

Expert fluid analysis helps you manage overall equipment health, reducing owning and operating costs. Get the most use out of replacement components by knowing exactly when they need to be changed—and build a service history that can improve resale value when it’s time to upgrade.

Shorten repair time.

When you track what’s going on behind the scenes—like component wear and oil performance—you can predict problems and schedule accordingly. With Fabick Cat helping you manage your equipment, you’ll know parts and shop time are readily available.



Are you new to fluid sampling or a seasoned pro? Do you use Cat® fluids or another brand? Are you a do-it-yourself type or do you prefer to let Fabick Cat handle the work? Whatever your situation, you’ll find that SOS Services can improve the health of your equipment and your bottom line.

Our fluid analysis experts use your oil, coolant and diesel fuel sampling results to measure wear in specific components by determining the amount of wear particles in the fluid from that component with real-time test results online. They check for contaminations, additive health, abnormal wear, and efficacy of each fluid currently used by your equipment. Fabick Cat SOS Services provides knowledgeable interpretations of this data and provides recommendations you can actually understand—and act on!

Mixed Fleet? No problem!

We offer fluid analysis for all types of products, whether they’re made by Caterpillar or another OEM, for applications ranging from agriculture and aviation, to landscaping and landfill, to mining, marine and more. In fact, about 25% of all our fluid samples come from other brands. We’re your total fluid analysis solution providing the quality and quickness you deserve across your entire fleet.

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Oil Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis of your lubricated systems—engines, transmissions, hydraulics, final drives, differentials, gear boxes and compressors—spots early signs of damaging wear metals. It also identifies contaminants like water, fuel, glycol or dirt that can impact performance. We check the condition of your oil and provide an overall particle analysis.

Coolant Analysis

Don’t overlook the condition of coolant. The damage caused by overheating is hard to forget. Our tests determine if your coolant has the right chemical balance for maximum protection and cooling efficiency. We assess correct usage, condition, adequate freeze/boil protection and contamination. Choose from two levels of coolant testing: one that checks routine characteristics and another that provides more in-depth analysis.

Fuel Analysis

Poor quality fuel can affect how your equipment performs. It can lead to abnormal wear of components, valves, valve guides, piston rings and more—and drive up maintenance and operating costs. Our fuel testing program checks for acceptable quality, microbial growth, contamination and appropriate usage.

Maintenance Indicators


Fluid analysis is the fastest, most accurate way to see what’s going on inside your engines and equipment. By using our online reporting system, you can get your results even faster and easily track them over time. We have 2 ways to access your information.


The VisionLink suite of applications is designed to help construction/heavy equipment fleet owners get better results and improve their bottom line. Are you ready to take it to the next level?



With S·O·S Web Services, it’s fast and easy to monitor the effectiveness of your equipment maintenance program.

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