Fabick Cat Family Stories

Work is always half of your work/life balance. It is important to our company to provide a positive and inclusive workplace that serves the needs of our employees, as well as our customers. Watch these videos to learn what being part of the Fabick Cat Family means and how it can mean different things to different people throughout Fabick Cat.

"Working at [Fabick Cat] allows me freedom."


“[Fabick Cat]'s a great company, it's down to earth and more of a family environment.”


“I think that everyone that works here is really just a part of the Fabick family”


“I worked for the second, third, and fourth generation Fabicks and they treated me like family, like they did all the other employees”


"The people responsible for this company, that have built this company, they really do care about the employees who work here."


“We’re always trying to improve. We’re always trying to form a partnership with our customer.”


What our Newest Employees are saying

It’s easy to feel like part of the family when you’ve worked with the same familiar faces for a while, but the Fabick Cat difference is apparent from the beginning of your career. Hear what some of our newest Fabick Cat Team Members have said about their first 90 days on the job.

What do you like the most about working at Fabick Cat?

"I feel like [Fabick Cat] truly is a family-orientated business that cares about their employees, which is hard to find."
- Parker B.

"I enjoy the atmosphere. We get our work done along with having fun."
- Vanessa M.

"I enjoy the culture at Fabick Cat...Everyone genuinely wants to see each other succeed."
- Matt G.

"[Fabick Cat] is the best company I've ever worked for, they seem to really care about their employees."
- McKenzie N.

"I like the variety of difficulties each [power application] presents and helping the customer solve their problem."
- Andrew K.

"The work environment, the people, and the benefits."
- Austin T.

"I like working for a company that truly cares about employee and customer."
- Brandon T.

"Being outside when the weather is nice and being able to meet and help customers"
- James B.

"I would have to say the work environment. This is a good group of people to work with."
- Kenneth P.

What are the highlights of your experience so far?

"I used to get so stressed out at my old workplace. [At Fabick Cat], I enjoy coming into work."
- Vanessa M.

"[I'm] always learning and [there's] room to grow"
- Nathan C.

"Everyone at [Fabick Cat] is very nice and accepting - it feels like a big family."
- McKenzie N.

"The support of surrounding team members!"
- Drew G.

"I really enjoyed the interaction with customers as well as [other] employees in Eau Claire during the open house."
- Amiel W.

"Everyday day is a new challenge and an opportunity to learn new skills."
- Bradley L.

"Too many to list!"
- James B.

"I actually really enjoyed going to Peoria for caterpillar training [...] the opportunity to learn and operate some of the equipment was thoroughly enjoyable for me."
- Emily D.

"Ability to have a flexible schedule. Work/life balance is great."
- Kenneth P.

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