Customer Value Agreements


Customer Value Agreements

Longer Component Life

Getting the right Genuine Cat Parts delivered to the right place at the right time makes it easier for maintenance to get done.

Longer Engine Working Life

When you include Cat fluids in your CVA option you protect your investment and extend the working life of your equipment.

Lower Fuel Injector Cost

Genuine Cat Filters are critical to the care and maintenance of your equipment. Regular replacements in CVA PM Kits reduce your operating cost!

Monthly Payment for Maintenance

With a CVA you can have one monthly payment for your planned maintenance, financed or included with your machine payment.


Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) help keep your Cat® equipment easy to own and ready to work with hassle-free maintenance. A CVA from Fabick Cat combines scheduled service, routine replacement parts, equipment inspections and machine health monitoring in one agreement that can be included as part of your monthly payment on new machines.

With a CVA scheduling your planned maintenance around how you work, you’ll find it’s never been easier to own Cat equipment. Our CVAs are designed with your unique business needs in mind, to extend equipment life and maximize your investment. Whatever your industry, whatever your Cat product — keeping it in excellent condition means more production and lower costs. The right Fabick Cat CVA can even extend the life of your equipment and give your operation more uptime.


Each CVA option from Fabick Cat offers different elements and levels depending on the Cat product you own. While common plans can be viewed below, pricing and details for your specific makes and models are always available on request. But for any CVA, you can expect these four areas of ownership value.


CVAs bring together expert advice, easy parts acquisition, plus options for flexible payment.


Getting the right Genuine Cat Parts delivered to the right place at the right time makes it easier for maintenance to get done. Service options are flexible to meet your needs.


CVAs are customized plans that offer troubleshooting, diagnostics and repairs with Genuine Cat Parts. If you need trained technician assistance, we've got you covered!


Digital tools for machine health monitoring give you the ability to access important operating data for your business anywhere you have an internet connection.

What to Expect from Your Fabick Cat CVA

The Service Levels

Fabick Cat offers three types of CVA for every standard equipment option based on who will perform your planned maintenance. If you are comfortable performing service on your own, you can take advantage of our DO IT YOURSELF options. These agreements include only self-service Fabick Cat CVA PM Kits, with parts instructions to make it easy. Does performing your own service make you nervous? Take advantage of a DO IT FOR ME option. Our certified-service options include Fabick Cat CVA PM kits with Genuine Cat® Parts delivered by technicians who will perform all maintenance and comprehensive machine inspections. It’s your completely hassle-free experience
everything your equipment needs, where and when you need it.

Looking for something in between? Consider a WORK WITH ME agreement option, where you handle simple maintenance milestones self-service and get certified-service on more complex planned maintenance and periodic machine inspections. With options based on lifetime hours, there’s a CVA from Fabick Cat that’s right for any operation. Regardless of your choice in service level, all of our Fabick Cat Customer Value Agreement options come with productivity solutions and dealer support to help you get the most out of your machine:


  • Fabick Cat CVA PM Kit(s) with Genuine Cat® Parts come standard with every agreement.
  • PM Kits include S•O•SSM Oil Sampling to detect early signs of potential problems or abnormal wear.


  • Fabick Cat is here to help with service reminders and expert insights on your equipment and parts.
  • Experience planned maintenance on your terms: you can do it yourself, get a little help or have Fabick Cat do all the work.


  • VisionLink 3.0 gives you real-time access to equipment data with 24/7 asset monitoring and machine information to help you optimize your operation.
  • The Cat Central app is your newest tool for Cat parts and support on-the-go.
  • Use the Cat Inspect app to easily download inspection forms, complete inspections and share results.


  • One fixed payment keeps your planned maintenance costs predictable.
  • CVAs are eligible to be included as part of your monthly machine payment on new equipment.


Parts when promised — or we pay. As part of our services commitment with your CVA, your maintenance and common repair parts will be available when you need them. If they’re not, we’ll help cover costs.
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New Compact Construction Equipment

CVAs for new compact construction equipment provide what you need, when you need it. That’s better maintenance and fewer trips to the parts shop. We have a CVA for everyone with a variety of options to meet the needs of your operation. See our standard rate sheet for these popular agreements or contact us today!

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New Building & Construction Equipment

When buying new building and construction equipment, you have Fabick Cat CVA options tailored to fit your operation. That’s better maintenance and fewer trips to the parts shop, reducing your owning and operating costs while providing a hassle-free ownership experience. See our standard rate sheet or contact us today!

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New Global Construction & Infrastructure Equipment

No matter what the question, the answer is, “Yes, there’s a CVA for that.” Looking to streamline maintenance? Control costs for ground engaging tools and undercarriage? Reduce hydraulic hose repair time? Fabick Cat can quote a CVA to help your team and get more from your fleet.

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Power Systems CVA Options

There’s a lot that goes into owning and operating your assets, so there’s a lot that comes with a Power Systems CVA: parts, expert service, monitoring and protection. All tailored to fit your assets and your operation in partnership with Caterpillar. Take a look at what’s included and how it helps you maximize performance and productivity.

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CVAs for a Machine You Already Own

Whether you have an expiring service agreement or are interested in getting your first CVA for a machine you already own, Fabick Cat offers upgrade options for you. With an Aftermarket CVA for your currently owned machine, hassle-free ownership and convenience are right within reach.

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CVAs for Used Equipment from Fabick Cat

Trust and confidence are critical when buying used equipment, and a CVA keeps confidence with you throughout a used machine’s life. From Cat Used to Cat Certified Used equipment, check out the details and advantages of adding a Fabick Cat CVA to your next used machine.

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Convenience. Performance. Confidence.

That’s a CVA.
Are you ready to discover what delivered parts, connected insights, and 24/7 support can do for you?

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