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The 3 Major Benefits of Routine Fluid Analysis

The 3 Major Benefits of Routine Fluid Analysis

The condition of the fluids in your equipment and engine says a lot about its overall health. Over time, replaceable components wear down and release traces of metal into engine and hydraulic oil — by monitoring the presence of these metals, we can anticipate potential costly failures.

Routine fluid analysis (oil, coolant or fuel) with Fabick Cat’s S.O.S Services experts provides short-term and long-term value.

1. Save Hundreds, Even Thousands, of Dollars in Owning & Operating Costs

Prevent unexpected failures or repairs and unplanned downtime through a detailed study on your equipment’s overall health. By predicting problems and scheduling necessary adjustments accordingly, you save time and money.

2. Work with Confidence – Your Machine Is With The Experts

With nearly 50 years of experience in diagnosing your machine and preventing failure before it occurs, our trained professionals evaluate your fluid sample based upon complete product knowledge, fluid properties and analysis of millions of data points.

3. Predict Problems Before They Occur

By identifying excessive wear or contaminated fluids, we are able to reveal “unseen” product issues, predict problems and adjust (with small part purchases or replacements) before a major failure occurs.

Mixed fleet? No problem! Did you know our team knows all engines and components and can analyze fluid samples for equipment whether made by Caterpillar or another OEM? We’re your total fluid analysis solution providing the quality and quickness you deserve across all your entire fleet.

Need results now? Online reporting is available! Through SOS Web Services or VisionLink you can get your results even faster and easily track them over time.

For more information on fluid analysis and our online tools check out our Fabick Cat SOS Fluid Analysis page today.