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What are TA-1 and TA-2 Inspections?

What are TA-1 and TA-2 Inspections?

Technical Analysis (TA) inspections consist of evaluating a machine’s components and systems to serve as a proactive measure to identify potential issues early on. With these inspections, you can enhance productivity, minimize unexpected downtime, and maximize equipment lifespan.

There are two types of inspections that can be performed: Technical Analysis Level 1 (TA-1) or Technical Analysis Level 2 (TA-2).

A TA-1 Inspection is a visual inspection of the machine and includes:

  • Fluid Level, Color, and Condition Check
  • Leak and Sealing Condition Checks
  • Visible Structural and Wear Checks
  • Noise Checks
  • Broken, Lose, or Missing Parts Check

A TA-2 Inspection is a detailed inspection of the machine’s systems and components. It includes all the above plus:

  • Pressure Checks
  • Cycle Time Checks
  • Cylinder Drift Checks
  • Back to Factory Standards
  • Fault Codes Download
  • S.O.S

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