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Sustaining the Life of Your Equipment for a Productive Future: Rebuilding Versus Renewing

Sustaining the Life of Your Equipment for a Productive Future: Rebuilding Versus Renewing

How many times have you heard someone say “they don’t build ‘em like they used to?” Here at Fabick Cat, our commitment to the quality construction and upkeep of your Cat equipment — new or old — has not waivered, nor will it ever. Quality and dependability are not something we are willing to compromise regardless of how times might have changed.

We understand that you demand a lot out of your equipment. And whether you operate a single machine or an entire fleet, having the peace of mind that your equipment is performing at the highest level is critical to your business and your continued success.

That’s why we created our Rebuild program so that you have cost-effective options for maintaining and upgrading your equipment without absorbing the expense of buying new. Through the Rebuild program, we assess and restore your machines, prolonging their life span while also addressing any needs related to industry or environmental standards. We recycle a large portion of your equipment’s original parts, breathing new life into their performance and providing you with the reassurance you deserve. When you need them most, they will execute at their best.

Rebuilding at Fabick Cat is not a short-term fix. Our qualified technicians stand behind their work, understanding that every day you are offline is a day that impacts your productivity and profitability. We are thorough and take the same pride in our work as you do in yours, regardless of when you purchased your equipment. Our goal is to get you back to work with machines that are as capable as the day they rolled off the line.

You have put a great deal of trust and care into your equipment over the years, so if it needs some attention, let us help you rebuild. Your machines should continue to serve future generations of operators who will appreciate your commitment to quality, both past and present.

Learn more about Fabick Cat’s extensive rebuild options today!