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The condition of the fluids in your equipment and engine says a lot about its overall health. Over time, replaceable components wear down and release traces of metal into engine and hydraulic oil — by monitoring the presence of these metals, we can anticipate when service will be necessary and schedule repairs accordingly.

Samples taken from your equipment are analyzed within 24 hours and a report is generated that can warn you of potential problems going on inside your machines, and can catch them before it becomes a major repair, or worse a catastrophic equipment failure.

We offer three types of fluid analysis developed by Cat engineers and chemists:

Oil Analysis: includes analysis of elements, cleanliness, condition and much more
Coolant Analysis: includes a 2-level coolant analysis
Fuel Analysis: includes a cost effective way to routinely check for contaminants and ensure your engine operates when needed

Fluid analysis results can be viewed and printed online via SOS Web Services, or by Visionlink.

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Why enroll in the S•O•SSM services program?

By enrolling in the S•O•SSM Services Program, a routine sampling interval can be established to build-up a trend of data over time. That trend allows you to compare sample history and more easily identify deviations from the normal trend. Fabick Cat does all of the interpretations at our two in-house oil labs.

Not sure how exactly to take a good sample? Watch the video below.

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