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Picking the Right Filter and Fluids for Better Productivity

Picking the Right Filter and Fluids for Better Productivity

There are a lot of things to consider when putting together a proactive plan for the care and maintenance of your machines. But one of the easiest things that you can do to increase the lifespan of your equipment is using the right filters and fluids. Through lab and field research, the difference is clear: choosing the right fluids and filters increases efficiency, productivity, cost-savings and on-the-job performance, time and time again.

It’s true that you can save money in the short-term by using less expensive filters and fluids, but the risk of something more severe occurring with your brakes, clutch, transmission, engine, or transmission disproportionately increases. And as a business owner, you know that a disabled machine can have a much larger impact on your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

The professionals who engineer Cat equipment also design the filter and fluid chemistry. Due to this process, Cat filters and fluids are able to match the operational capability of Cat equipment or engines and greatly reduce common machine issues such as friction, rusting, injector life, drainage intervals, contamination and corrosion.  You might say that the relationship between our engineers is, well… fluid! Whether we are building a better machine or products to maintain it, our focus is singular: Reduce the risk of downtime through preemptive care.

Filter Specifics: Hydraulic, Transmission, Engine, Air and Fuel

  • Cat filters use a nylon reinforced center tube. This non-metal filter performed 30% better than competing brands in lab testing and increased injector life in field testing by 41%. The reason? Non-metal filters don’t produce metal shavings which can hurt the filter’s ability to do its job, decreasing its effectiveness and jeopardizing the parts that it is meant to protect.
  • Cat filters are designed with Polyurethane end caps and spiral roving, both of which dramatically reduce the possibility for contaminates. And Cat filters are designed to fit each machine in which they operate, so their specs are created with their application in mind.
  • Every Cat filter is tested above and beyond the industry standard requirement to make sure you perform beyond expectations.

Fluid Specifics: Greases, Oils and Coolants

Your machine’s fluids are like its blood supply: you need it to be free of contaminates and consistently flowing. Extensive lab testing and measurement of Cat fluids have proven to:

  • Extend oil drain intervals by as much as 30%
  • Improve cleanliness of piston ring areas
  • Lower component deterioration
  • Allow for higher oil operating temperatures
  • Enhance shear and oxidation stability

In a nutshell, using Cat filters and fluids for your machines is a smart way to keep your operation up and running. Your equipment will thank you, and so will your profitability. For more information, contact us at contact@fabickcat.com.