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R2900 XE Underground Diesel-Electric LHD Loader


Built on the platform of our most popular underground loaders, the new R2900 XE is the first Cat® diesel electric underground LHD. It’s a productive, powerful, reliable machine built to meet the underground mining industry’s need for bigger payloads, faster loading and reduced emissions.
Its powerful diesel electric drive engine is EU Stage V compliant, and it offers the power to match its class-leading 18.5-tonne . The R2900 XE is highly productive, with smooth and quick machine responses combined with improved digging and tramming performance. Employing electric drive components reduces fuel burn and improves productivity — helping mines reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

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    Thanks to a number of new and improved features, the R2900 XE delivers a +20% increase in productivity.
    (Compared to R2900G)


    The R2900 XE employs a high efficiency electric drive system and is powered by a quiet, reliable and durable Cat® C15 engine.


    A number of features and improvements contribute to ensuring the R2900 XE is easier and less expensive to maintain, driving down cost per ton and increasing availability.

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    • Bucket Capacities
      Bucket Capacities
      7.4-9.8 m³ (9.7-12.8 yd³)
      Dump Bucket - 1 - Standard Bucket
      9.7 yd³
      Dump Bucket - 2
      11.2 yd³
      Dump Bucket - 3
      12 yd³
      Dump Bucket - 4
      12.8 yd³
    • Engine
      5.39 in
      928 in³
      Engine Model
      Cat® C15
      Engine Power - Stage V Engine - ISO 14396:2002
      449 HP
      Engine Power - Tier 2/Stage II Engine - ISO 14396:2002
      447 HP
      Note (1)
      Power ratings apply at a rated speed of 1,600 rpm for Tier 2/Stage II model engine when tested under the reference conditions for the specified standard.
      Note (2)
      Power ratings apply at a rated speed of 1,600 rpm for Stage V model engine when tested under the reference conditions for the specified standard.
      Note (3)
      All rating conditions are based on ISO/TR 14396, inlet air standard conditions with a total barometric pressure of 100 kPa (29.5 in Hg), with a vapor pressure of 1 kPa (.295 in Hg), and 25° C (77° F). Performance measured using fuel to EPA specifications in 40 CFR Part 1065 and EU specifications in Directive 97/68/EC with a density of 0.845-0.850 kg/L @ 15° C (59° F) and fuel inlet temperature 40° C (104° F).
      Note (4)
      Minimal engine derating* required up to 2926 m (9,600 ft) at rated speed for Stage V engines and 3505 m (11,500 ft) for Tier 2/Stage II equivalent engines.
      Note (5)
      Optional DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Package available.
      Note (6)
      * <5%
      6.77 in
    • Hydraulic Cycle Times
      2.8 s
      Lower, Empty, Float Down
      3.5 s
      9 s
      Total Cycle Time
      15.3 s
    • Hydraulic System - Lift/Tilt
      Lift Cylinder - Bore
      7.48 in
      Lift Cylinder - Stroke
      39.8 in
      Lift/Tilt System - Circuit
      Electro Hydraulic Controls
      Lift/Tilt System - Pump
      Variable Displacement Piston
      Maximum Flow
      264 gal/min
      Relief Valve Setting - Main
      4597 psi
      Tilt Cylinder - Bore
      10.63 in
      Tilt Cylinder - Stroke
      18.03 in
    • Operating Specifications
      Breakout Force - Lift (ISO)
      71500 lb
      Breakout Force - Tilt (ISO)
      92500 lb
      Gross Machine Mass
      172157 lb
      Nominal Payload Capacity
      40785 lb
      Shipping Weight
      131988 lb
      Static Tipping Load - Full Turn - Lift Arms Horizontal
      82889 lb
      Static Tipping Load - Straight Ahead - Lift Arms Horizontal
      95407 lb
    • Service Refill Capacities
      Cooling System (Drive Motor - secondary)
      8.5 gal (US)
      Cooling System (Engine Radiator)
      25.1 gal (US)
      DEF Tank
      9 gal (US)
      Engine Crankcase
      13.7 gal (US)
      Front Differential and Final Drives - With Axle Oil Cooling System
      37 gal (US)
      Fuel Tank
      174.4 gal (US)
      Hydraulic Tank
      89.3 gal (US)
      Propulsion Motor/Drop Box Oil
      18 gal (US)
      Rear Differential and Final Drives - With Axle Oil Cooling System
      40.7 gal (US)
    • Standards
      ISO 3471:2008 ROPS; ISO 3449:2005 FOPS
    • Tires
      Tire Size
      29.5 R29
    • Transmission
      Forward - 1st (virtual)
      3.6 mile/h
      Forward - 2nd (virtual)
      5.9 mile/h
      Forward - 3rd (virtual)
      10.6 mile/h
      Forward - 4th (virtual)
      15.3 mile/h
      Forward - 5th (virtual)
      20.8 mile/h
      Reverse - 1st (virtual)
      3.7 mile/h
      Reverse - 2nd (virtual)
      6.3 mile/h
      Reverse - 3rd (virtual)
      11.2 mile/h
      Reverse - 4th (virtual)
      16.2 mile/h
      Reverse - 5th (virtual)
      20.4 mile/h
      Transmission Type
      Cat switched reluctance electric drive
    • Turning Dimensions
      Articulation Angle
      Axle Oscillation
      Inner Clearance Radius**
      134 in
      ** Clearance dimensions are for reference only.
      Outside Clearance Radius**
      286 in
    • Weights
      * Calculated Weight.
      Operating Mass + Rated Payload*
      163100 lb
      Operating Mass + Rated Payload* - Front Axle
      120100 lb
      Operating Mass + Rated Payload* - Rear Axle
      43000 lb
      Operating Mass*
      122300 lb
      Operating Mass* - Front Axle
      54400 lb
      Operating Mass* - Rear Axle
      67900 lb
    • 12V Power Supply in Cab
    • Alternator, 150-amp
    • Auxiliary Start Receptacle
    • Battery Disconnect Switch, Ground Level
    • Diagnostic Connector
    • Electric Starting, 24V
    • E-stop (Illuminated):
      – Rear Right Hand Side
      – Rear Left Hand Side
    • External LED Lighting System, Front, Rear, Stop – Brake – Tail Light Dual LED
    • Low Maintenance Batteries
    • Operator’s Station, Enclosed ROPS/FOPS:
      – Air Conditioning
      – Cab Pressurizer and Filter
      – Radio Ready Compartment for Radio and Speakers
    • Cup Holder and Storage Compartments
    • Cat® Color Multi Purpose Display (CMPD)
    • Electric Horns
    • Guard, Rear Side Quarter Window
    • Operator Presence System (Auto Park Brake)
    • Door Latch Monitoring
    • Electro-Hydraulic Implement Controls, Single Joystick
    • Push Button Panel for Lights
    • Seats:
      – Suspension Seat, Vinyl
    • Adjustable Arm Rest and Knee Pads
    • Seat Belt Monitoring
    • Retractable Seat Belt
    • STIC Steering
    • Secondary Steering
    • Cat C15 Air-to-Air Aftercooler (ATAAC) Diesel Engine, 6-Cylinder
    • Engine Options:
      – Engine, Tier 2 Equivalent
    • Catalytic Exhaust Purifier/Muffler Group
    • Cat Switched Reluctance Electric Generator and Pump Drive
    • Cat Switched Reluctance Drive Motor
    • Cat Integrated Powered Electronics
    • Brakes, Fully Hydraulic Enclosed Wet Multiple – Disc with Cooling (SAFR)
    • Auto Retarder with Grade Control
    • Product Link Elite
    • Tire Arrangements:
      – Tire, 29.5R29**2 VSMS2 L5S L2A Bridgestone
    • Flat Fold Handrails
    • Lighting – Loading
    • Service Bay Light
    • Operator’s Station, Enclosed ROPS/FOPS:
      – Cab Pressurizer and Filter (HEPA)
    • Cameras, Color Forward and Rear Facing
    • Dual Pane Windows
    • Seats:
      – Suspension Seat Tee, Vinyl
      – Suspension Seat Air, Vinyl
    • Reversible Steering Return to Dig
    • Engine Options:
      – Engine, EU Stage V
    • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) (flow through)
    • Fast Fill and S·O·S points
    • Traction Control
    • Auto Dig
    • Tire Pressure Monitoring
    • Command for Underground
    • Payload Control System
    • Remote Control Interface (excludes transmitter and receiver)
    • Remote Recover Hook and Bar
    • Tire Arrangements:
      – Tire, 29.5R29**2 VMDL L5 L2A Bridgestone
    • Bucket, Various Sizes, Dump (7.4 m³ to 9.8 m³ [9.7 yd³ to 12.8 yd³])
    • GET and Wear Package Options
    • Centralized or Auto Lube Systems
    • Wheel Chocks
    • Rear Protection – Bat Wings