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R1700 XE Underground Battery-Electric LHD Loader

What if you could have the class-leading payload and superior productivity of the proven Cat® R1700 underground loader without the engine heat or exhaust emissions? You can. Introducing the R1700 XE battery electric LHD—a high-productivity, zero exhaust emission loader with the industry’s only onboard battery. It charges quickly—in less than 20 minutes when paired with two of the durable and mobile Cat MEC500 chargers. This provides an alternative to expensive static charging station infrastructure, as well as the need for additional batteries, battery handling and battery swapping. The machine also features Auto Dig for optimized loading and is factory-ready for autonomous operation. And it delivers the powerful performance, maximum uptime and low operating costs you demand.

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    Product Specs

    Operating Specifications

    Bucket Capacities 5.7-7.5 m³ (7.5-9.8 yd³)
    Nominal Payload Capacity 33069 lb
    Operating Mass 107460 lb
    Shipping Weight 114460 lb
    Breakout Force - Lift and Tilt 53330 lb
    Static Tipping Load - Straight Ahead - Lift Arms Horizontal 108500 lb
    Static Tipping Load - Full Turn - Lift Arms Horizontal 89600 lb
    Ride Control Yes

    Hydraulic System - Lift/Tilt

    Lift/Tilt System - Circuit Electro – Hydraulic, Positive Flow Control, Flow Sharing
    Lift/Tilt System - Pump Variable Flow Piston/Hydraulic Load Sense
    Maximum Flow 78.5 gal/min
    Relief Valve Setting - Main 4932 psi
    Lift Cylinder - Bore 7 in
    Lift Cylinder - Stroke 33 in
    Tilt Cylinder - Bore 8 in
    Tilt Cylinder - Stroke 22 in

    Hydraulic Cycle Times

    Raise 6.8 s
    Dump 3.3 s
    Lower, Empty, Float Down 2.9 s
    Total Cycle Time 13.2 s

    Traction Motor

    Rated Power - Peak 335 HP
    Rated Power - Nominal 295 HP
    Motor Type Switched Reluctance
    Rated Torque (peak, nominal = @ 12 km/h [7.5 mph] and nominal power) 3200 N·m/660 N·m (2360 lbf-ft/443 lbf-ft)
    Efficiency 95%
    Cooling Method Liquid
    Ability of Regenerative Braking Yes
    Service Interval 12,000-13,000 hours

    Auxiliary Motor

    Rated Power (peak, nominal) 303 HP
    Motor Type Switched Reluctance
    Rated Torque (peak, nominal = 1,600 equivalent rpm) 600 N·m/531 N·m (443 lbf-ft/392 lbf-ft)
    Efficiency 96%
    Cooling Method Liquid
    Service Interval 12,000-13,000 hours

    Power Electronics

    Inverter Rating 350A (nominal DC), 715VDC
    Cooling Method Liquid (coolant)
    Component Ratings IP67, IP69K
    Service Interval 12,000-13,000 hours

    Grade Performance - 25 Degree Ambient, 2% Rolling Resistance

    0% Grade - Loaded 11.2 mile/h
    0% Grade - Unloaded 11.2 mile/h
    5% Grade - Loaded 9.2 mile/h
    5% Grade - Unloaded 11.2 mile/h
    10% Grade - Loaded 5.3 mile/h
    10% Grade - Unloaded 6.9 mile/h
    15% Grade - Loaded 3.8 mile/h
    15% Grade - Unloaded 4.9 mile/h
    20% Grade - Loaded 3 mile/h
    20% Grade - Unloaded 3.9 mile/h

    Battery - Battery Pack

    Battery Chemistry Li-lon
    Battery Monitoring With integrated Caterpillar controls systems
    Pack Voltage - Nominal 715 V
    Pack Energy Capacity - Total 213 kWh
    Charging Method Ultra Fast Charge Onboard
    On Board Fast Charging Charge time (0-100%) Less than 20 minutes (two MEC500 in parallel); Less than 30 minutes (one MEC500)
    Battery Cooling Method Chilled Liquid (Extended Life Coolant)
    Operating Temperature Limits (ambient) 50° C/–20° C (122° F/-4° F)
    Charging Current, Voltage 1160A (output), 820VDC
    Maximum Charging Rate 840 kW (two MEC500 chargers)
    Minimum Charging Rate 500 kW
    Charging Rate Up to 4C (matched with MEC500 chargers)