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G3520J Gas Compression Engine

The line of G3520J engines brings versatility, uptime, and low operating cost to your gas compression operation. They deliver the lowest engine-out emissions in the industry without sacrificing performance. Ideal applications for G3520J engines include primary gathering, central gathering, and gas processing plants.

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    • Capacity for Liquids
      Lube Oil System - Refill
      143 gal (US)
    • Engine Specifications
      6.7 in
      Lean Burn
      U.S. EPA Spark Ignited Stationary NSPS emissions for 2010
      Minimum Rating
      1725 BHP
      Oil Change Interval
      2000 hrs
      Rotation from Flywheel End
      7.5 in
    • Governor and Protection
      Governor and Protection
      Electronic (ADEM A3)
    Air Inlet System
    • Axial Flow Air cleaner
    • Single element canister type with service indicator
    Cooling System
    • Two-stage charge air cooling: First stage - JW + OC + 1st stage AC / Second stage - 2nd stage AC
    • Jacket water and aftercooler thermostats
    Exhaust System
    • Water-cooled exhaust manifolds
    • Dry turbocharger housings
    • Water-cooled exhaust elbow
    Flywheels and Flywheel Housings
    • SAE No. 21 flywheel
    • SAE No. 00 flywheel housing
    • SAE standard rotation
    Fuel System
    • 7-40 psig gas supply
    • Electronic fuel metering valve
    • Gas pressure regulator
    • Gas shutoff valve
    • Remote-mounted Advisor control panel
    • Product Link cellular radio
    Lubrication System
    • Crankcase breather — top mounted
    • Oil cooler
    • Oil filter — RH
    • Oil pan — 143 gal
    • Oil sampling valve
    • Turbo oil accumulator
    Mounting System
    • Rails
    Power Take-Offs
    • Front housing — two-sided
    • Front lower LH accessory drive
    • Paint — Cat yellow
    • Crankshaft vibration damper and guard
    Air Inlet System
    • Round air inlet adaptors
    • Rain shield
    Charging System
    • CSA alternator (24V,65A)
    Cooling System
    • Jacket water inlet flange-hose connection
    Exhaust System
    • Flexible fittings
    • Flanges
    • Elbow
    Fuel System
    • Fuel filter
    • LAN adapter
    • 15',40',90',140' Product Link extension harness
    • 20',30',50',100' interconnect harness
    Lubrication System
    • Lubricating oil
    • Oil bypass filter
    • Air prelube pump
    • Oil pan drain
    Power Take-Offs
    • Front stub shaft
    • Crankshaft pulley
    Starting System
    • Air pressure regulator
    • 90 psi starter
    • 150 psi starter
    • Jacket water heater
    • Special paint
    • Crankshaft vibration double damper
    • Explosion relief valves
    EU Certification
    • EEC DOI certification