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G3520 2500kW Gas Generator Set

1750-2500kW Natural Gas Generator

Caterpillar is leading the power generation marketplace with Fast Response generator sets engineered to deliver unmatched performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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    Meets UL2200 Certification

    Leading edge EPA Certification For Non-Emergency, UL2200, UL1446, and more

    Ready in 7 Seconds

    Complies with industry leading specifications such as NFPA 110 Level 1 Type 10

    Ready to accept 100% Block Load

    Able to pick up the loads for the entire site in the event of an emergency.

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    • Engine Specifications
      6.7 in
      5956 in³
      Engine Model
      8.5 in
    • Generator Set Dimensions
      128 in
      336 in
      48500 lb
      94 in
    • Generator Set Specifications
      Compression Ratio
      Emissions/Fuel Strategy
      U.S. EPA Stationary Non-Emergency Certified
      60 Hz
      Fuel Type
      Natural Gas, Hydrogen Blend (up to 5%)
      Gas Standby Rating
      2500 ekW @ 0.8pf
      1800 rpm
    Air Inlet
    • Two-element single-stage air cleaner with enclosure and service indicator
    Control Panel
    • Cat ECS 100
    • Jacket water and SCAC engine-driven pumps
    • Jacket water and SCAC thermostats
    • Cat-flanged face outlet on turbocharger
    • Individual exhaust port and turbocharger outlet wired to integrated temperature sensing module (ITSM) with GCEM providing alarms and shutdowns
    • Dry exhaust manifolds, insulated and shielded
    Fuel System
    • Gas pressure regulator
    • Engine-installed electronic control valve
    • Fuel system is sized for 31.5 to 47.2 MJ/NM3 dry pipeline natural gas with pressure of 10.2 to 34.5KPa to the engine fuel control valve
    • 24V DC energized-to-run (ETR) gas shutoff valve
    • Throttle plate, 24V DC actuator, controlled by GECM
    • Crankshaft vibration damper and guard
    • Operation and maintenance manuals
    • RH Service
    • Paint- Caterpillar Yellow with high gloss black rails and radiator
    • Parts book
    • SR5
    • Permanent Magnet Excitiation
    • NEMA Class H insulation
    • Winding temperature detectors
    • Integrated voltage regulator (IVR)
    • Anti-condensation space heater
    • Battery with cables and rack (shipped loose)
    • 24V starting motors
    • Electric Starter
    • Jacket water heater
    Governing System
    • ADEM A4
    Ignition System
    • Electronic Ignition System (controlled by ADEM A4)
    • Individual Cylinder Detonation Sensitive Timing (DST)
    Air Inlet
    • Air cleaner with precleaner
    Control Panel
    • Local alarm module
    • EMCP 4.4
    • Remote annunciator
    • Remote PC monitoring
    • Engine failure relay
    • Local PC monitoring
    Circuit Breakers
    • 2000A, 2500A, 3000A 3 Pole, UL-100% Rated Masterpact Circuit Breakers
    • 100% rated, 3-pole (UL/CSA/IEC) 5th Digit Rating
    • 3-pole (IEC 947-2 rated)
    • Frame mounting
    • 1600A, 2000A 3 Pole, UL-100% Rated R-Frame Circuit Breakers
    • S LSI, G LSIG, P LSIG-P, 4th Digit Type
    • Coolant level drain line with valves, fan with guard
    • Package mounted radiator
    • 305 mm (12 in.) muffler
    • 305 mm (12in.) elbow
    • 18, 25 dBA Attenuation
    • 305 mm (12 in.) flange
    • 305mm (12 in) spark arresting muffler
    Fuel System
    • 3, 0-100 kPag, 4-20mA gas train pressure sensors
    • Digital diagnostic tool
    • Low voltage extension box
    • Bearing temperature detectors
    • European bus bars
    • Cable access box
    • Generator air filter
    • 45A, 24V charging alternator (requires engine driven pumps)
    • 20A, 24VDC battery charger
    Grid Code Compliance
    • 60 Hz: USA