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G3516J Gas Engine

The line of G3500 engines brings versatility, uptime, and low operating cost to your gas compression operation. They are equipped with ADEM A3 technology that enables highest performance and safety while maintaining low emissions. Ideal applications for G3500 engines include gas lift, gas gathering, and wellhead gas compression. The Cat G3516J gas engines are rated at 1029 bkW (1380 bhp) @ 1400 rpm and are NSPS site compliant capable with customer-provided air-fuel ratio control and aftertreatment.

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    • Engine Specifications
      Turbocharged-2 Stage aftercooled
      6.7 in
      Lean Burn
      4211 in³
      U.S. EPA Spark Ignited Stationary NSPS emissions
      Electronic (ADEM A3)
      Lube Oil System
      423 L (112 gal)
      Maximum Rating
      1380 BHP
      Minimum Rating
      1380 BHP
      Oil Change Interval
      1000 hrs
      7.5 in
    Air Inlet System
    • Axial flow air cleaners
    • Single element canister type with service indicator
    Cooling System
    • Two-stage charge air cooling system
    • Engine cooling and charge air cooling thermostats
    Exhaust System
    • Watercooled exhaust manifolds
    • Dry Turbocharger housings
    • Water-cooled exhaust elbow
    Flywheels & Flywheel Housings
    • SAE No. 00 flywheel housing
    • SAE standard rotation
    • SAE No. 21 Flywheel
    Fuel System
    • 7-40 psig gas supply
    • Electronic fuel metering valve
    • Gas pressure regulator
    • Gas shutoff valve
    • Fuel System
    • Remote-mounted Advisor control panel
    • Interconnect harness
    Lubrication System
    • Crankcase breather — top mounted
    • Oil cooler
    • Oil filter — RH
    • Oil pan — shallow
    • Oil sampling valve
    • Turbo oil accumulator
    Mounting System
    • Rails
    Protection System
    • Electronic shutoff system
    • Gas shutoff valve
    • Paint — Cat yellow
    • Crankshaft vibration damper and guard
    Power Take Offs
    • Front lower LH accessory drive
    • Front housing, two sided
    Air Inlet System
    • Remote air inlet adapters
    • Rain Shield
    Charging System
    • CSA Alternator (24V, 65A)
    Exhaust System
    • Flexible fittings
    • Elbows
    • Flange
    • Mufflers
    Fuel System
    • Fuel filter
    Lubrication System
    • Oil bypass filter
    • Deep sump oil pan
    • Air prelube pump
    • Lubricating oil
    • Oil pan drain
    Power Take-Offs
    • Front stub shaft
    Protection System
    • Explosion relief valves, status control box interconnect wiring harness
    Starting System
    • 90 psi starter
    • 150 psi starter
    EU Certification
    • EEC DOI certification