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824 Wheel Dozer


Cat® wheel dozers combine the power of a track dozer with the mobility of a wheeled machine to deliver high production at low operating costs in a variety of applications — from surface mining cleanup to coal stock piling, road maintenance to reclamation.

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    Make regular maintenance more convenient with accessible controls located inside the cab


    Grouped, ground level engine and machine controls allow for safe and easy daily maintenance


    Comfortable cab and low effort controls with reduced vibration levels help operators work more productively throughout the day


    The 824 emits up to 36% less CO2 than the previous 824H.
    • Air Conditioning System
      Air Conditioning
      The air conditioning system on this machine contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 2.0 kg of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent of 2.86 metric tonnes.
    • Axles
      Planetary – Fixed
      Oscillation Angle
      Planetary – Oscillating
    • Braking System
      Parking Brake
      Drum and shoe, spring applied, hydraulic released
    • Dimensions (Approximate)
      Centerline of Front Axle to Hitch
      6.1 ft
      Ground Clearance
      1.8 ft
      Ground Clearance - Bumper
      2.8 ft
      Height - Top of Cab
      13.5 ft
      Height - Top of Exhaust Stack
      14.2 ft
      Height - Top of Hood
      10.5 ft
      Height to Top of Beacon
      14.5 ft
      Length - With Blade on Ground - Straight Blade
      27.6 ft
      Wheel Base
      12.1 ft
    • Engine
      5.4 in
      927.6 in³
      Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, Korea Stage V, and Japan 2014 emissions standards. The other meets Brazil MAR-1 emission standards, emitting equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA.
      Engine Model
      Cat® C15
      Gross Power
      435 HP
      Net Power - ISO 9249
      405 HP
      Note (1)
      Net power advertised is the power available at the engine flywheel when the engine is equipped with a fan, air cleaner, clean emissions module and alternator.
      Rated Speed
      1800 r/min
      6.7 in
      Torque Rise
    • Hydraulic System - Lift/Tilt
      Cylinder, Double Acting - Tilt and Tip, Bore and Stroke
      140 mm × 230 mm (5.5 in × 9.1 in)
      Cylinders, Double Acting - Lift, Bore and Stroke
      120 mm × 1070 mm (4.7 in × 42.1 in)
    • Hydraulic System - Steering
      Relief Valve Setting - Steering
      3481 psi
      Steering System - Circuit
      Pilot operated, load sensing
      Steering System - Pump
      Variable displacement piston
    • Operating Specifications
      Chip Scoop Operating Weight
      83820 lb
      Coal Scoop Operating Weight
      80756 lb
    • Scoops
      Chip Scoop Carry Capacity
      27 yd³
      Chip Scoop Doze Capacity
      54 yd³
      Coal Scoop Carry Capacity
      17.5 yd³
      Coal Scoop Doze Capacity
      35 yd³
    • Service Refill Capacities
      AC Oil
      4.94 fl oz (US)
      AC Refrigerant
      Cooling System
      30.6 gal (US)
      Differential - Final Drives - Front
      26.4 gal (US)
      Differential - Final Drives - Rear
      29.1 gal (US)
      Engine Crankcase
      9 gal (US)
      Fuel Tank
      206.6 gal (US)
      Hydraulic System - Implement/Steering
      56.5 gal (US)
      Hydraulic Tank Only
      35.4 gal (US)
      Note (1)
      All nonroad Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, and Japan 2014 (Tier 4 Final) diesel engines are required to use:– Ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuels containing 15 ppm (mg/kg) sulfur or less.– Cat engines are compatible with the following renewable, alternative, and biodiesel* fuels that reduce greenhouse gases: • Up to B20 biodiesel (FAME)** • Up to 100% HVO and GTL renewable fuels – Cat DEO-ULS or oils that meet the Cat ECF-3, API CJ-4, and ACEA E9 specifications are required.– Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) that meets all requirements defined in ISO 22241-1:2006. * Refer to guidelines for successful application. Please consult your Cat dealer or “Caterpillar Machine Fluids Recommendations” (SEBU6250) for details. ** Engines with aftertreatment devices can use up to B20. Engines with no aftertreatment devices can use higher blends, up to B100.
      17.4 gal (US)
    • Sound Performance - Standard
      Machine Sound Level (ISO 6395:2008)
      113 dB(A)
      Operator Sound Level (ISO 6396:2008)
      73 dB(A)
    • Sound Performance - Suppression
      Machine Sound Level (ISO 6395:2008)
      110 dB(A)
      Operator Sound Level (ISO 6396:2008)
      72 dB(A)
    • Transmission
      Forward - 1
      3.8 mile/h
      Forward - 2
      6.9 mile/h
      Forward - 3
      12.2 mile/h
      Forward - 4
      21.6 mile/h
      Reverse - 1
      4.3 mile/h
      Reverse - 2
      7.8 mile/h
      Reverse - 3
      13.9 mile/h
      Reverse - 4
      24.7 mile/h
      Transmission Type
      Cat planetary - powershift - ECPC
    • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
    • Camera, rear vision
    • Alarm, back-up
    • Light, warning switched (LED strobe)
    • Lighting, access stairway
    • Cab Integrated Object Detection System (CIODS) ready
    • Mirror, internal (panoramic)
    • Mirrors, rearview (externally mounted)
    • Seat belt with minder, retractable, 76 mm (3 in) wide
    • STIC control system with lockout
    • Emergency platform egress
    • Stairway, left and right rear access
    • Toe kicks
    • Hydraulically driven demand fan
    • Air to air aftercooler
    • Auto shift
    • Brakes, full hydraulic, enclosed, wet multiple disc service brakes
    • Cat clean emission module (Tier 4 Final/Stage V equivalent)
    • Electro-hydraulic parking brake
    • Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC)
    • Engine, Cat C15 emitting equivalent to Tier 3/Stage IIIA or meets Tier 4 Final/Stage V emission standards
    • Fuel priming pump (electric)
    • Fuel to air cooler
    • Integrated braking system
    • Muffler (under hood) (Tier 3/Stage IIIA)
    • Radiator, Aluminum Modular (AMR)
    • Separated cooling system
    • Single Clutch Speed Shifting (SCSS)
    • Throttle lock
    • Torque converter with Lock Up Clutch (LUC)
    • Transmission, planetary, with 4F/4R speed range control
    • Alternator, 150 amp
    • Batteries, maintenance-free (4 – 1,000 CCA)
    • Electrical system, 24V
    • Lighting system, halogen (front and rear)
    • Lights, directional (rear)
    • Starter, electric (heavy duty)
    • Starting receptacle for emergency start
    • Radio, CB (ready)
    • 12V power port for mobile phone or laptop connection
    • Air conditioner
    • Cab, sound-suppressed pressurized, internal four-post rollover protective structure/ falling objects protective structure (ROPS/ FOPS), radio ready for entertainment includes antenna, speakers, converter (12-volt 10/15-amp), and power port
    • Cab door, sliding window (LH)
    • Coat and hard hat hooks
    • Electro-hydraulic tilt and lift controls
    • Finger tip shifting controls
    • Flip-up armrest
    • Heater and defroster
    • Horn, electric
    • Implement hydraulic lockout
    • Instrumentation, gauges: – DEF fluid level (Tier 4 Final/Stage V) – Engine coolant temperature – Fuel level – Hydraulic oil temperature – Speedometer/tachometer – Torque converter temperature
    • Instrumentation, warning indicators: – Action alert system, three categories – Brake oil pressure – Electrical system, low voltage – Engine failure malfunction alert and action lamp – Parking brake status
    • Cab precleaner, powered
    • Light, (dome) cab
    • Lunch box and beverage holders
    • Seat, premium plus containing forced air heating and cooling, two-way thigh adjustment, power lumbar and back bolster adjustment, ride stiffness adjustment, dynamic end dampening, and leather finish
    • Sun visor, front
    • Rubber mounted, laminated, tinted glass
    • Transmission gear (indicator)
    • Vital Information Management System (VIMS): – Graphical information display – External data port – Customizable operator profiles
    • Wet-arm wipers/washers (front and rear): – Intermittent wipers (front and rear)
    • Starting aid (ether) automatic
    • Mirrors, heated
    • Antifreeze, premixed 50% concentration extended life (–34° C/–29° F)
    • Guard, driveshaft
    • Guards, crankcase and power train
    • Fold down exhaust stack for shipping
    • Fuel tank, 782 L (207 gal)
    • Hitch, drawbar with pin
    • Hoses, Cat XT
    • Hydraulic, engine, and transmission oil coolers
    • Secondary steering
    • Steering, load sensing
    • Vandalism protection caplocks
    • Venturi stack
    • Ground level engine shutoff
    • Ground level lockable master disconnect switch
    • Doors, service access (locking)
    • Ecology drains for engine, radiator, transmission, hydraulic tank
    • Engine, crankcase, 500 hour interval with CJ-4 oil
    • Engine precleaner
    • Fire suppression ready
    • Oil change system, high speed
    • Oil sampling valves
    • Product Link
    • Total hydraulic filtration system
    • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
    • Blade, Straight
    • Blade, Straight with Push Plate
    • Blade, Semi-U
    • Blade, U
    • Blade, Extended Wear U
    • Blade, Coal U
    • Heater, engine coolant, 120V
    • Heater, engine coolant, 240V
    • Antifreeze, –50° C (–58° F)
    • Counterweight, Front
    • Film (ANSI) (Tier 4 Final/Stage V equivalent)
    • EU certification (Tier 4 Final/Stage V equivalent)
    • Plate – year of manufacture (Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent)
    • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    • Dual stage engine precleaner
    • No-spin rear axle