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Interview With Kim S.

Interview With Kim S.

Empowered Women at Fabick Cat

What brought you to this organization – in essence, why Fabick Cat?
I recognized the unique opportunity to work for a family-owned company that would also allow me to grow professionally. Because Fabick Cat is not an overly large company, I’m able to work with people in all departments across all of our locations.

What are you most proud of?
Fabick Cat is very involved in communities across our territory. I like being part of an organization that gives back. They not only focus on charities the Fabick family supports but they support charities employees are involved with as well.

What professional advice would you give to your younger self?
Explore new opportunities and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself so you continue to grow.

What does being a leader at Fabick Cat mean to you?
Being a leader here means working with others across the organization, all in an effort to make Fabick Cat a better company – helping people get their job done efficiently in order to increase profit for growth.

What characteristics or attributes do you feel helped you succeed at Fabick Cat? What development opportunities were provided to you, if any?
Being persistent and working well with others has helped me succeed at Fabick Cat. Many people are afraid of change. I work with those who initially resist change to determine their objections and address their concerns by showing how a new system, a new technology, a new process, etc. can help them. I’ve been given several opportunities to run projects across many departments throughout the organization and opportunities within my own department to grow my skillset.

What impact do women have in our organization?
We bring new perspectives to the organization. Fabick Cat’s diversity continues to make us a successful company.

What advice do you have for other women considering Fabick as a future employer?
Fabick Cat is a strong company with opportunities to grow your skillset and advance throughout the organization.