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Interview With Debbie B.

Interview With Debbie B.

Empowered Women at Fabick Cat

What brought you to this organization – in essence, why Fabick Cat?
Fabick Cat represents everything that is important to me. A very stable, family owned business that genuinely cares about its employees. A work environment that allows me to be part of a successful team. Equal and fair compensation with very good benefits, plus the opportunity to learn new skills and keep up with ever-changing new technology.

What are you most proud of?
I am so very proud to work for a company that represents the highest quality equipment on the market!

What professional advice would you give to your younger self?
Know in your heart what drives you; At the end of the day, what brings you the most personal satisfaction? Seek a job that affords you the opportunity to gain this satisfaction. It will not seem like a job, instead it will be fulfilment of a passion with a deep-felt sense of pride and accomplishment.

What does being a leader at Fabick Cat mean to you?
Being a leader at Fabick Cat has allowed me the opportunity to truly teach and live our company values.

To influences others to be the best that they can be while achieving their goals and pursuing their careers. Most importantly Fabick Cat has given me a path to build lasting relationships with both customers and team members.

What characteristics or attributes do you feel helped you succeed at Fabick Cat? What development opportunities were provided to you, if any?
I believe my ability to problem solve, attention to detail, and thirst for knowledge have helped me succeed at my career with Fabick Cat. Another important characteristic that has played a key role in my path as a leader is empathy.

Developmental opportunities provided to me have been endless. I have worked in outside sales, parts, service, and rental equipment, and with each different aspect of our business I was provided extensive training and mentorship opportunities.

What impact do women have in our organization?
Women within the Fabick Cat organization impact every aspect of our business, from customer facing to management. Paving the way for the younger female generation by squashing stereotypes of the construction equipment sales and service industries. In a predominantly male arena, females offer a unique perspective that will continue to lead Fabick Cat into the future.

What advice do you have for other women considering Fabick Cat as a future employer?
My advice – Join our team, you will be on track to a great rewarding career!!!!!