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Interview With Dawn A.

Interview With Dawn A.

Empowered Women at Fabick Cat

What brought you to this organization – in essence, why Fabick Cat?
I was returning to the workforce after spending three years raising my children. I purposely chose to go through a temp agency, working a series of short-term contracts with different companies, so I could find a good fit. The manager I had while temping for Fabick Cat was a strong female leader in this industry, which was both surprising and encouraging to see. This positive influence along with Fabick Cat’s solid reputation and local community involvement were the reasons I stayed.

What are you most proud of?
Through my 17-year career with Fabick Cat, I am proud of the work and effort put into growing both professionally and personally. I started in 1993 doing data entry in the oil lab and developed the skill sets required to move into a leadership role.

What professional advice would you give to your younger self?
Challenge yourself to do things outside your comfort zone. Observe others and listen. Emulate the characteristics of those you respect and admire most. Learn as much as possible about the business and roles in other departments and use this knowledge to help others do their jobs more efficiently and productively. It’s by working together, we can accomplish great things.

What does being a leader at Fabick Cat mean to you?
Having a responsibility to others in all things. Teaching by example, treating people with respect, dignity and honesty. Listening and learning from those around you and having an open mind. Inspiring others to do their best work by empowering them to take initiative and use their skills to improve processes and solve issues.

What characteristics or attributes do you feel helped you succeed at Fabick Cat? What development opportunities were provided to you, if any?
Strong focus on customer needs, passion to learn and excel, determination and adaptability to thrive amid change, and lots of patience through it all. I have also been very fortunate to work alongside great mentors and friends at Fabick Cat.

What impact do women have in our organization?
Different perspectives breed new ideas. This organization continues to evolve successfully by encouraging differences and supporting necessary growth.

What advice do you have for other women considering Fabick Cat as a future employer?
Through hard work, dedication and drive you can excel here. Even without construction industry experience, a successful career is possible with Fabick Cat.