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Fabick Cat Field Service Tech Earns Honorary Trooper Award While Traveling to Jobsite

Fabick Cat Field Service Tech Earns Honorary Trooper Award While Traveling to Jobsite

It was a typical summer day in July when Justin Parrack, a Fabick Cat Field Service Technician, was traveling to a customer jobsite in Bolivar, Missouri. While driving Northbound on Highway 13, a vehicle in front of him swerved into the median and continued to drive between the North and Southbound lanes.

Without pause, Parrack pulled parallel to the vehicle to find an unconscious driver. As the distressed vehicle started to slow, Parrack stopped his service truck, jumped out and, alongside another civilian who stopped to help, the two men chased the vehicle down on foot. They were able to get the driver’s door open, climb in and stop the vehicle before it headed into oncoming traffic.

In what Parrack calls luck, others call heroism. “I called 911 while the unconscious driver was getting CPR… we ended up just really getting lucky,” Parrack continued, “I wouldn’t call myself a hero. I’m just a guy trying to do the right thing.” Parrack stayed on the scene until released by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

“As a multi-generational, family-owned business, Fabick Cat is committed to being actively involved in supporting the communities where we live and work. And Justin’s actions represent the pinnacle of our organization’s mission,” Jimmy Greer, Regional Product Support Manager at Fabick Cat, reported to the leadership team upon hearing of Parrack’s actions while on the job, “Knowing the motorist was heading into oncoming traffic, we will never know how many lives Justin saved that day.”

Recently, Parrack reunited with the other civilian who jumped into action, the man who suffered from the medical emergency while driving that day and the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Both heroes were presented with the Honorary Trooper award. “We are incredibly proud of Justin and, truthfully, we are honored to have him part of the Fabick Cat family,” John Fabick IV, President of Fabick Cat stated, “The Honorary Trooper award is the highest honor for a civilian from the Missouri State Highway Patrol. And I couldn’t be prouder to see him accept his extremely well-deserved award wearing the Fabick Cat name with pride.”