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Listening to the Lifeblood of Your Machine

Listening to the Lifeblood of Your Machine

Our New, Improved S.O.S Service

What if you could be saving hundreds— even thousands—in owning and operating costs by preventing unexpected failures and unplanned downtime?

With Fabick Cat’s new and improved S.O.S Services, you can by listening to the lifeblood of your machine!

Dissecting Your Equipment Health Through an Innovative Process

Through an evolution of our fluid sample analysis process, we are now able to perform a more detailed study on your equipment’s overall health. We offer in-house fluid sampling capabilities using the latest technology to assess whether your equipment is at risk for potential failure. Reduce your owning and operating costs by leveraging the proprietary process turning fluids analysis data into valuable information.

The 3 types of fluid analysis offered by Fabick Cat SOS Services include:

  1. Oil – we check the condition of your oil and provide an overall particle analysis
  2. Coolant – you chose from two levels of coolant testing, one that checks routine characteristics and another that provides more in-depth analysis
  3. Fuel – our fuel testing program checks for acceptable quality, microbial growth, contamination and appropriate usage

Our Highly Trained Fluid Analysis Team, Ready to Serve

Fabick Cat’s S.O.S Service fluid analysis process combines innovative data insights with the knowledge of our highly trained experts holding nearly 50 years of experience in diagnosing your machine and preventing failure before it occurs. We evaluate your sample based upon complete product knowledge, fluid properties and analysis of millions of data points.

By identifying excessive wear or contaminated fluids, our experts have been revealing “unseen” product issues for thousands of customers, predicting a problem before it occurs and allowing for repair before failure by leveraging scheduled repairs and downtime to fit workload.

Let our team perform the sophisticated analysis so you can make an informed decision for your equipment’s future. Rest assured – there’s true value in listening to your machine.

What’s Your Machine Telling You?

Fabick Cat’s S.O.S Services gives you detailed information about your equipment’s oil condition, internal wear and contamination levels – plus wear metal trending data specific to your machine which quickly identifies deviations and monitors gradual changes in concentration levels.

Your machine fluid samples are not only analyzed through our advanced technology. Your fluids go through a multi-step expert-guided visual inspection, by our trained product support experts, who care about your equipment health and bottom line. Our fluid professionals’ visible review process can be the difference between a quick filter change or a full oil change later (causing for much higher expense that could have been avoided).

Making Fluid Analysis Part of Your Routine

  • Helps Avoid Costly Failures – using our recommendations based on data-driven analysis and expert review, you can prevent a major repair by replacing a single part
  • Allows for More Productivity & Profitability – get the most use out of replaceable components by knowing exactly when they need to be changed
  • Shortens Repair Time – we help you track what’s going on “behind the scenes”—like component wear and oil performance—so you can predict problems and schedule accordingly (based on your schedule, not an emergency)

Your Fluid Analysis Results Now Available Online

By using our online reporting systems, you can get your results even faster and easily track them over time. We offer two ways to access your information:

  • VisionLink 3.0a full suite of applications designed to help you review results and trends to improve your bottom line
  • SOS Web Servicesmonitor the effectiveness of your equipment maintenance program

Mixed Fleet? No problem!

Our team knows engines and components and can analyze fluid samples for all equipment whether made by Caterpillar or another OEM. We’re your total fluid analysis solution providing the quality and quickness you deserve across your entire fleet.