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Cat Trial 12: No Hands

Cat Trial 12: No Hands

You want a jobsite that’s as safe and productive as possible. That means a focus on autonomy in equipment. In Cat Trial 12: No Hands you’ll get to see the agility and precision autonomous machines, like mining trucks, bring to the table – and get a sneak peek of where this technology is going next. For this momentous occasion, Caterpillar brought in four-time FIFA World Cup participant DaMarcus Beasley to run through a Cat® themed obstacle course and did the same with a 794AC autonomous electric drive mining truck.

Autonomy is rapidly emerging in the mining industry as essential for improving safety & productivity while lowering costs. The 794AC, equipped with Command for hauling, enables total autonomous operation of this mining truck. This includes interaction with other equipment and integration with customer mining processes & systems. Cat autonomous equipment was originally introduced at MINExpo 1996, and the 794AC was showcased at MINExpo in 2021 to feature the newest in mining automation for hauling: Cat® MineStar Command.

Now that Cat has decades of experience with autonomy in the mining sector, Cat Trial 12: No Hands shows how autonomy is coming to other industries. In 2020, Caterpillar acquired Marble Robotics to merge the Cat experience in large mining equipment with Marble’s nimble and miniaturized technology. So, while not commercially available…yet…you see the potential it has to enhance your compact construction equipment.

Cat Trial 12: No Hands highlights the teamwork, agility and precision that goes into success for your team and your job site. And we know you’ll get a kick out of how it all comes together.

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