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A Focus on Giving: The MASTERS

A Focus on Giving: The MASTERS

Missouri is fortunate in having one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the country – The Missouri State Highway Patrol. The fine men and women of this Patrol enforce traffic laws and promote safety on our highways with integrity and respect. Sadly, the dangers found across this country in the law enforcement profession are increasing every year. Each line of duty death is a tragedy that impacts the trooper’s family, their Patrol unit and the communities they serve. That’s why the Missouri Association of State Troopers Emergency Relief Society, or “The MASTERS” for short, is such an important resource.

The MASTERS is a benevolent fund for the financial aid of a trooper’s family, including children and spouses, if he or she is killed in the line of duty. Directors of the fund take the bereaved family under their protective guidance and help them solve problems after a tragic loss – assisting with funeral expenses, loan payments, mortgage payments and immediate bills. It also provides scholarships for the officer’s dependent children and the surviving spouse as a path toward financial stability.

The MASTERS operates with two local directors in each of the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s nine troop areas. Along with the volunteers at their General Headquarters, these members establish a sense of community and ongoing support to ease the burden after the loss of an officer. Support from The MASTERS allows a grieving family to place their focus on healing and caring for each other.

A History of Hands-On Involvement

In 1979, Missouri State Highway Patrol Superintendent Colnel Alvin L. Lubker met with Fred Weber, Jr. and John Fabick, Jr. of Saint Louis, as well as Tom Graham and Chris Graham of Jefferson City with a plan. They focused on one important issue “what can be done to support the families of the Missouri State Highway Patrol Members killed in the line of duty?” This was the first step in the founding of The MASTERS.

Driven by a moral responsibility to honor these line of duty sacrifices, these founders established the benevolent fund with 10 original troop directors. As the organization grew over the years its core function remained the same: caring for those left behind. With over 1,4000 members today The MASTERS continues to meet loss and adversity with kindness and healing. Without question, the history of commitment and legacy of “service and caring” Fabick Cat and The MASTERS share strengthens our local communities.

Our Commitment to the Communities Where We Live & Work

Fabick Cat has been involved in The MASTERS for over 42 years, from the very founding of the organization. During our 100 Year celebration, in 2017, the Missouri State Highway Patrol displayed two of their motorcycles for a meet and greet in support of The MASTERS. When Mr. Jeré Fabick, then President of Fabick Cat, invited these honored guests up to the main stage during the festivities, they had no idea what was coming next. The surprise was an unprecedented $100,000 donation from the Fabick family.

Support from companies like Fabick Cat and individuals like you makes all the difference in helping those left behind move forward. Even a one-time donation can ease the financial burden for the immediate surviving family of Missouri State Highway Patrol Troopers who have given the ultimate sacrifice. You can also become a member of the organization and show your continuing support by contacting The MASTERS office in Whitewater, MO.

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