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A Closer Look at Cat Filters

A Closer Look at Cat Filters

Why Cat Filters Matter

Non-Metal Means Something

Every Cat filter uses a non-metal, nylon-reinforced center tube. Because of this, it performs 30% better than competing brands in lab testing and increases injector life in field testing by 41%. Non-metal filters don’t produce metal shavings which can hurt the filter’s ability to do its job, decreasing its effectiveness and jeopardizing the parts that it is meant to protect.

Reducing Contaminants Through Elevated Design

Cat filters are also designed with Polyurethane end caps and spiral roving – both of which dramatically reduce the possibility for contaminates. Each filter is designed to fit Cat machines. The specs are created with application in mind, reducing the risk of downtime.

Working Together, Hand In Hand

See It and Believe It

Performance matters most when choosing filters and fluids for your equipment. Industry-leading quality and reliability of Cat filters and fluids get you the results you need, making the difference easy to see. Lab tests prove it, customer studies support it, and filter and fluid experts help you understand it.

Your Bottom Line Will Thank You Later

Cat filters and fluids work together to protect your investment. With less unplanned downtime and longer component life, you can save thousands in owning and operating costs. It’s the smart way to keep your operation up and running. Your equipment will thank you and so will your profitability.

Peace of Mind with Filters and Fluids

CVAs Make It Easier Than Ever

Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) make it easy to get your Cat filters — delivered right to you, right on time for maintenance. CVAs also offer equipment protection and key machine insights anytime, anywhere through your computer or phone. A true one-stop solution to keep your machine easy to own and ready to work – that’s a CVA!

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