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Our Top Techs Battled it Out in the Tech Challenge Quarter Finals

Our Top Techs Battled it Out in the Tech Challenge Quarter Finals

Over the past several weeks, our top technicians from The Qualifier competed in the second phase of the Tech Challenge (a multi-phased skills competition for Fabick Cat technicians competing head-to-head to earn the title of Fabick Cat’s Top Tech 2022/2023). During The Quarter Finals, technicians competed in the first hands-on portion of the competition with five skills stations testing a variety of disciplines and competencies.

With bragging rights on the line, $5,000 for the Top Ten Techs, an all-expense paid sporting trip for 3rd place, a Polaris 4×4 for 2nd place and a brand-new Ford F150 for 1st place – the competition remains extremely competitive.

“These are some significant prizes because we want to send a message,” stated Jeré Fabick, Chairman and CEO of Fabick Cat, “What Fabick Cat technicians do for our communities is incredibly important work. It’s what makes progress possible. When it comes to our technicians, their work is critically important, respected and appreciated. This organization would not be successful without their dedicated service.”

As expected, the Tech Challenge phases so far have been an impressive display of knowledge, skill, and character. After The Quarter Finals, Kelli Fabick, fifth generation Fabick family member actively involved in the organization reflected, “We already know our technicians are the best in the industry. So, this competition just gives us an opportunity to have some fun and celebrate the work they do for our customers every day.”

Which 20 Fabick Cat technicians will move forward to phase three and be one step closer to winning big? Techs moving forward to The Semi-Finals are receiving the news soon and the big announcement will be shared here in the next few weeks!