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Storm Relief Effort – Joining Forces Across the Dealer Network

Storm Relief Effort – Joining Forces Across the Dealer Network

Hurricane Ian, a Category 4 Atlantic hurricane, recently caused massive destruction to the state of Florida. In a joint storm relief effort, the Fabick Power Systems Rental team united forces across the dealer network. Spanning the country, a total of 9 Cat dealers participated to support the greatest area of need throughout West Central Florida.

“Fabick Power Rents prides itself in our ability to provide critical support in times of great need – anywhere, anytime – across our country during interruption of electric power from weather events such as Hurricanes, Tornados, Ice Storms or the unexpected loss of utility power,” Sal LaFace, General Manager of Power Systems at Fabick Cat, continued, “Power outages create stress and disruption to everyday life. As a result, timely response and execution is vital. And that is exactly what our Power Rents team does best.”

Thanks to the incredible team of dedicated professionals, within 7 hours of the natural disaster hitting land, they had 75 contracts signed. Within 48 hours, they deployed a total of 56 semi-trucks and 11 technicians providing over 16 miles of cable distributing 82 megawatts of power!

“Recognizing the extremely demanding days that follow an event of this magnitude, we are proud of the hard work and dedication shown by our team” Tony Little, General Manager of Power Systems Rental at Fabick Cat added, “We are also grateful to be part of the Cat dealer network – coming together to share equipment, resources and support to serve customers no matter where or when.”