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2022/2023 Tech Challenge Winners

2022/2023 Tech Challenge Winners

Fabick Cat’s 2022/2023 Tech Challenge officially wrapped up this June! The top ten technicians that competed in the fourth and final phase of the competition each earned $5,000 with even bigger awards for the techs that placed in the top three: Ryan Kison, Field Service Technician out of Milwaukee, WI, took home an all-expense paid sporting trip for 3rd place; Kelby McGuire, Field Service Technician out of Joplin, MO, earned a Polaris 4×4 for 2nd place; Jack Corley, Lead Service Technician out of Madison, WI, earned the title of Fabick Cat’s Top Tech 2022/2023 and drove home a brand-new Ford F150 for 1st place.

“These are some significant prizes because we wanted to send a strong message of recognition,” stated Jeré Fabick, Chairman and CEO of Fabick Cat, “When it comes to our technicians, their work is critically important, respected and appreciated – they help make progress possible. This organization would not be successful without their dedicated service.”

The Tech Challenge overall was a multi-phased skills competition for technicians which kicked off in July 2022 with over 220 Fabick Cat techs. After four phases of head-to-head competition testing their knowledge, problem-solving technique, customer service expertise and overall ability, only ten technicians remained for The Finals. “Congratulations to the ten technicians who earned $5,000 each. And outstanding work to the those who earned one of the top three spots at The Finals,” John Fabick IV, President of Fabick Cat stated, “Outside of this competition, we already know our technicians, across the board, are the best in the industry. And we just can’t thank all of you enough for what you do for the Fabick Cat family.”

As expected, the last phase of the competition proved to be an impressive display of knowledge, skill, and character. “I’d put our techs up against anyone out there. So, I knew for a fact this was going to be an extremely impressive competition from start to finish. And The Finals did not disappoint,” stated Mark Hanson, Senior Vice President of Product Support at Fabick Cat.

Todd Stanley, Chief Operating Officer at Fabick Cat, upon the completion of the event said, “To all our technicians who competed in the Tech Challenge from the beginning – thank you. You signed up to participate. You showed up to compete. And you all excelled. We loved this opportunity to celebrate the incredible work you do for our company and our customers every day.”