Winter Equipment Maintenance

November 19, 2015

Keeping Up With Winter Equipment Maintenance

Winter requires the right equipment. It also requires specific winter maintenance. Most equipment manuals will provide specific tasks for winterizing your equipment, but here’s a handy list to get you started:

  • Battery: Cold weather can quickly drain a battery. If you’re out in the harsh conditions and your equipment won’t start, you’ll be standing out in the cold and losing productivity. Conduct a load test on your battery before cold weather strikes. This will let you know if you need a replacement well before you try to start your equipment on-site. Also, make sure that connections and wires are free of corrosion. A battery extender charger is also a good idea for keeping your equipment at full power.
  • DbF6voXTires: Cold weather can also sap your tire pressure. Not only will your tires wear faster when tire pressure is low, but you’ll also lose push and lift power. Make sure that you know the proper psi for your equipment’s tires and regularly check the pressure to make sure that you’re staying at that psi. You will extend the life of your tires and you’ll get the most power out of your equipment.
  • Fuel, Oil and Fluids: Test your engine coolant before winter begins. Choose engine oil that is designed for the temperatures you’re experiencing and find cold-weather grease for lubrication. You’ll want to ensure that the oil filter hasn’t collected debris or fluid through summer and fall. And if you operate equipment that runs on diesel, find an alternative or additive that will prevent gelling.
  • Attachments: Handy attachments are what make winter equipment so important. Closely examine your attachments to ensure that they are in peak condition. Blowers, brooms, blades and other attachments include guards, hoses, cylinders and other components that should be checked for cracks, damage and general wear and tear.
  • Heating: Features like heaters, defrosters and seat warmers make for desirable winter equipment. If these features aren’t working, though, they won’t help you much on cold days. Perform maintenance and test each feature before winter begins. This will allow you to make any repairs before you get stuck out in the cold.

At Fabick CAT, we provide well-maintained winter equipment rentals that are ready to provide productivity and operator comfort. For nearly 100 years, we’ve served the needs of construction professionals throughout Missouri and southern Illinois. We know how challenging winter conditions can be in St. Louis, Columbia and other communities, which is why we offer a full selection of winter equipment rentals that deliver dependable performance. All of our equipment is serviced and inspected by factory-trained technicians, meaning you never have to worry about attachments, batteries and climate-control features failing on you.

Contact us today about winter equipment rentals.

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