Wisconsin Equipment Rentals

January 25, 2016

Wisconsin Weather Ready Heavy Equipment with Fabick Cat

If your Wisconsin business is growing and has a need for new machinery, an equipment rental is a cost-effective way to meet your needs, try out devices before making a long-term investment, and save money to allocate to other resources.

Alternatively, your company might require specialized equipment for a one-time job. Purchasing an expensive backhoe or boom lift might not be a wise investment years down the line. Fabick Cat has served Midwest businesses for nearly 100 years, and we offer a wide range of Cat® construction machines and power systems for rent.

Wheel Excavators

You might be interested in expanding your Eau Claire construction firm to include occasional excavation work, and maybe you’ve considered buying new and used excavation equipment. The money you’ll be making from the jobs isn’t enough to offset the cost of an equipment purchase, though, and you may wonder whether the new venture is worth it.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity for your business — you can rent Cat wheel excavators from Fabick Cat on a per-job basis to determine whether excavation is a worthy cause. Among others, we offer the Cat M318, which can dig over eighteen feet into the ground at 166 horsepower, and the Cat M322, which can dig into over twenty-one feet of earth.

Power System Rentals

Hot summers and cold, cold winters: that’s how we like it here in the upper Midwest, but it can be challenging to deal with at times, particularly if you’re working in an unheated space. Fabick Cat has your company covered, and we offer air conditioning and heater rentals to ensure your staff is comfortable when the weather gets tough.

You’ll also want to consider protecting your business from utility power outages. Consider renting a Cat generator before a planned outage or strong storm occurs to ensure your employees’ safety and secure your data. We also provide emergency generator rentals to help get your business back online when disaster strikes.


Rentals for All Needs and Seasons

In addition to the above equipment, Fabick Cat also rents compressed air generators, asphalt compactors, boom lifts, concrete equipment, plate compactors, trenching equipment and wheeled skid loaders. If you’re ready to rent a Cat machine for your Wisconsin business, contact us today.

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