The Caterpillar Used Equipment Advantage

February 25, 2016


Providing Well-Maintained Used Equipment for Your Fleet

Caterpillar has been an established name in heavy machinery for over ninety years. The company’s line of Cat equipment has lived up to this reputation by providing business owners with a range of durable solutions for many different needs across multiple industries.

Though the prospect of a new Cat purchase is an exciting possibility for many companies, for others it may not be necessary or financially feasible to buy new equipment. That’s why Fabick Cat offers a range of used Cat machines — well-cared-for units that have been thoroughly inspected and vetted by our team of qualified Cat mechanics. Our inventory of used Cat machines has been so well-maintained we’d wager they’re a better investment than competing brands’ new equipment.

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the different used Cat machines we have available and consider their benefit to your business:

Backhoe Loaders

If your business is in need of a more affordable option for a backhoe loader to accommodate new excavation or digging jobs, or if you’ve just started a company that deals in these trades, look to Fabick Cat to provide you with a used Cat backhoe. We offer a wide range of pre-owned Cat backhoes of varying capacities and usage levels and will work with you to determine which of our models would best suit your needs.

Articulated Trucks

Fabick Cat’s selection of used articulated trucks is a must-see for owners of construction, waste management and mining businesses. Select from a variety of durable Cat vehicles that have been thoroughly inspected by our expert technicians to ensure reliable, long-lasting service.

Power Systems

There are multiple situations in which investing in a power generator for your business makes sense. You may have a series of projects in which utility power is not available. You may need back-up power during an especially stormy season to protect your staff and equipment from damage related to utility power loss.

If these are likely contingencies, it’s time to think about purchasing a power system.

Fabick Cat has a number of useful power generators for these purposes. We can work with you to determine your power generation needs and match you with a well-cared-for machine that will ensure your business is protected when utility power runs out.

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Fabick Cat has provided business owners with rock-solid machinery and unparalleled customer service for nearly one hundred years. In addition to the above units, we also offer equipment for concreting, cranes, excavators, lifts, lighting, motor graders and multi-terrain loaders.

Have a look at our full line of used inventory.

If you’re ready to invest in a pre-owned Cat vehicle or would like guidance to help determine which of our used machines would best help your business with its needs, contact us today.

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