The Benefits of Expanding Territories

October 22, 2015

Why Territory Expansion is Beneficial

Many product manufacturers create dealer networks for nation and worldwide distribution. Caterpillar® is one of those manufacturers, using dealers in more than 180 countries to ensure businesses and individuals who want access to Cat® products can have it.

Fabick Cat is the Cat dealer in the Greater St. Louis area, with the territory extending across the Mississippi River and into Illinois. So why should a dealer expand a territory? Territory expansion gives you an opportunity to achieve greater scale, strengthening your business, creating employment opportunities, and increasing revenue and profit. But the benefits aren’t limited to just dealers.

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Sponsoring companies like Caterpillar love dealer expansion into new territories. Expansion means greater market coverage and the opportunity for more businesses to discover and enjoy quality Cat equipment. As dealers scale, the manufacturer will scale as well.

Customers should love dealer expansion, too. Not only do expanding territories
bring new options into a market, but they also increase competition in certain areas. Competition serves to lower prices and improve services as dealers of different products try to earn the market’s business. If there’s only one dealer in your area, that dealer enjoys a monopoly and there’s little incentive to provide an outstanding customer experience.

Fabick Cat: Emphasizing Service Excellence

The Caterpillar brand is synonymous with quality, dependable equipment. For more than 90 years, Caterpillar has been driving progress and innovation around the world with:

  • Proven products — When Cat dealers are working with clients, those clients know and understand the performance and productivity that Cat equipment can provide.
  • Ongoing education — Caterpillar supports both dealers and clients by providing ongoing education on equipment and best practices. Caterpillar University is a web-based resource available to dealers, suppliers and clients that provides operator training, safety training, service training and more. These training sessions promote higher levels of expertise throughout the industry, which helps drive progress and innovation worldwide.
  • Corporate support — When a dealer is part of the Caterpillar network, it enjoys the resources and support of the organization. We can all do more collectively than we can alone, which means each dealer can benefit from stronger trainings, product innovations and other benefits that come with an affiliation with Caterpillar.

The history of Fabick Cat dates back to 1917, when we first started serving the St. Louis area. Today, we focus on doing what’s best for our clients. We focus on safety, respect and trust in each engagement, and we are committed to immediate responses when you have equipment needs. Our team is eager to help you increase productivity by providing access to the tools needed to conduct your work. Learn more about Fabick Cat and how our products and services can benefit your business.

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