PRODUCTIVITY makes it easier to achieve the efficiency you want by helping you complete your jobs faster and with less rework. Whether you’re running two pieces of equipment or 200, Fabick Cat can help you choose the right combination of technology and services for your business. Providing timely information and near real-time machine data, PRODUCTIVITY works to enhance production, improve efficiencies and reduce costs by enabling you to:

• Get accurate information on daily loads and volumes
• Hit payload targets more consistently
• Boost production with faster cycle times
• Improve grading and compaction efficiency
• Use production data to enhance project performance


Cat machines are available with a range of efficiency-enhancing features—either as standard equipment or optional attachments. With the flip of a switch, you can simplify complex operations—such as automatically loading the work tool for maximum production, reducing repetitive operator actions and minimizing track or tire slip. Ask Fabick Cat about these available features for a wide range of Cat equipment:

• Autodig
• Auto Blade Assist
• AutoCarry™
• Automatic Ripper Control
• Height/Depth Limit Alerts
• Load Assist
• Sequence Assist


Cat Connect technologies for PRODUCTIVITY give you the accuracy, consistency and optimization you want out of your operations and equipment. With GRADE, COMPACT and PAYLOAD technologies, you get the information and guidance you need to get more work done, in fewer passes and with less guesswork. In addition, LINK technologies give you the insight necessary for making fact-based decisions to increase productivity and improve overall jobsite efficiency. Available Cat Connect technologies for PRODUCTIVITY include:

• Product Link™/VisionLink®
• 2D Project Monitoring
• 3D Project Monitoring

• Cat AccuGrade™
• Cat Grade Control
• Cat Compaction Control

• Payload Control System
• Cat Production Measurement

Fabick Cat Services

Fabick Cat can help you choose the right combination of equipment, technologies and services to keep your business out in front and ahead of the competition. By taking advantage of data monitoring services along with reports and recommendations from Fabick Cat, you get the information you need to manage your fleet and maximize efficiency. Knowing your Cat dealer is keeping an expert eye on your equipment and operations, you can concentrate on growing your business and your bottom line. Contact your dealer to learn how you can benefit from these customized dealer services and more:

• Jobsite Assessments
• Overload Alerts
• Operator Training
• Payload Reporting
• Productivity Monitoring Reports

Whatever your next project brings, PRODUCTIVITY helps you achieve you the efficiency you want from your equipment, while giving you the information you need to take total control of your jobsites and your bottom line. Contact Fabick Cat today to start making smart use of Cat Connect technologies and services. Together, we’ll help you achieve the success you want.

We’re built to help you get there.

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