Equipment Management Solutions (Cat® EMSolutions)

EMSolutions is a portfolio of technology enabled services designed to help you manage your fleet to optimum efficiency. The level and type of equipment support you need is dependent on different factors including the size, type and location of your operations. EMSolutions has three progressive levels ranging from basic connection to your fleet’s electronic data, to complete, proactive management of your fleet.

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What Level Is Best for You?

With three levels of service to choose from, you get the support you want without paying for services you don’t need.



    Remote access to electronic data from your equipment is the first step to uncovering additional value. EMSolutions starts by making sure you’re connected with Cat Product Link™ to get accurate, timely and useful information about the location, utilization and health of your equipment. When you get connected with Product Link, you’ll begin to see immediate results in the efficiency and costs of your entire operation.

    Services in LEVEL 1 include:

    • Access to My.Cat.Com for a view of your customer portal
    • Daily updates of equipment lifetime hours (SMU), location
    • Daily updates of monthly utilization and fuel burn (if applicable)
    • CAT S.O.S. fluid analysis (Oil & LEVEL 1 Coolant, for new machine sales with extended warranty coverages)
    • View of SOS (Scheduled Oil Sampling) results, Schedule Services, review work order history
    • Fleet Summary of your assets
    • Access to Parts.Cat.Com
    • List of all service agreements registered to your assets

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    While routine maintenance is essential to keeping your equipment running and providing you with many years of productive service, a lack of time or resources prevents many companies from giving their equipment the proper level of attention. Fabick Cat has the expertise to build an Equipment Management Solution that meets your business needs and budget going beyond just data. Contact us today to get valuable advice and expert recommendations about equipment health, utilization and repair.

    Services in LEVEL 2 work hand in hand with a comprehensive Condition Monitoring Program that includes everything from LEVEL 1 plus:

    • Essentials VisionLink subscription – (Health and Utilization) (Satellite or Cellular)
    • Access to the user and mobile friendly site VisionLink Unified Suites
    • Rapid and detailed product information via ProductLink.
    • Access to Report Wizard to create multiple monthly reports including, Monthly fleet trend and performance reports with industry benchmarks
    • Ability to create customized personal alerts for tracking asset information (Geo fence, Time boundaries, Operational alerts, maintenance alerts, machine diagnostic events, etc.)
    • Training and Support – training for VisionLink platform
    • Dedicated Fabick Cat Condition Monitoring Specialists to assist you with monitoring your fleet
    • Analysis of various critical data (Electronic Data, Service Repair Data, Inspections, and S.O.S.)
    • Personalized recommendations and advice to address issues (Equipment and Operation)
    • Alert Tracking and Equipment Maintenance Reminders

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    Performing regular and timely maintenance is a key component of lowering your owning and operating costs. When you turn the management of your fleet over to Fabick Cat, you’re not just buying services from a maintenance shop. You’re getting the expertise and resources of a global leader. Rely on Fabick Cat for timely and expert maintenance of your equipment so you can focus on building your business and success.

    Services in LEVEL 3 include everything in LEVEL 1 and 2 plus:

    • Customer Support Agreement (CSA): Ranging from PM kits to Maintenance and Repair Agreements
    • Preventative Maintenance Services: Basic, Plus or Premium (PM kits to convenient on-site maintenance)
    • Preventative Maintenance Tracking and Scheduling
    • Maintenance and Repair Agreements: Complete machine maintenance
    • Electronic Data – via Product Link® and VisionLink® Unified Suites platform
    • Equipment Inspections – including the new Cat Inspect mobile application
    • Fluid Analysis – industry exclusive Cat S∙O∙S℠ Services fluid analysis
    • State of the Art Condition Monitoring Support Center

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