How to Retain Great Employees

May 11, 2016

Guys-600x369Going Beyond Benefits and Compensation

Recent reports suggest it’s becoming increasingly challenging to recruit and retain quality employees. In the construction sector, employee retention ranks among the top concerns for organizations of all scopes and sizes. Whether you’re a local general contractor or large commercial development company, your future rests on having the right people in place capable of driving your business to success and building your company legacy.

It may be surprising to hear that while virtually every employee values fair compensation and benefits, it’s often not at the top of their list of what’s most important. Beyond paying your people what they’re worth and providing a source of steady, reliable income, there are many other ways you can strengthen your company by rewarding and engaging your workers. Consider the following four ways to help your construction business retain a great staff:

  1. Harbor a safe work environment — Employees in the construction industry understand the potential risks involved in operating heavy machinery and taking on many rugged tasks. A top priority has to be demonstrating you hold their safety in the highest regard. From cultivating a thoughtful plan and effective procedures to using top-quality, well-maintained equipment, a comprehensive approach to safety sends a powerful message that wins the trust of your employees and their families.
  2. Offer professional training — People on a career path — whether they’re working in the financial department or are overseeing a crew of skilled laborers — benefit when given the opportunity to better execute their responsibilities. That’s especially true when training involves using new technologies or learning more efficient and effective techniques. It imparts a feeling of job security by ensuring they possess the skills to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving industry.
  3. Provide the tools to thrive — Continually struggling to keep pace due to a lack of resources and support can have a debilitating effect on a workforce faced with constant deadlines and demands. By providing a healthy fleet of construction equipment, the right tools and attachments, staying on top of preventive maintenance and investing in advanced productivity technology, you’re sending a positive message of commitment that goes a long way in keeping employees actively engaged.
  4. Create opportunities for advancement — A lot has changed since our parents’ generation entered the workforce, but the American dream still rests on the ability to build a better life. By creating a culture in which ambition, initiative and hard work are rewarded with the opportunity to take on more responsibility and develop new skills, you’re laying the foundation to see your people and organization reach their full potential.

It’s always nice for managers and supervisors to show gratitude for your business’s most valuable assets. But instead of simply saying thank you, take the first steps in improving employee retention by focusing on what you can do to make your company a better place to work all year round. Visit our Careers page to learn about our employee benefits and how we facilitate a positive, family-type environment for our employees.

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