2017 Resolutions for Construction Managers

January 12, 2017

As we roll over into a brand new year, it can be helpful to make personal and professional resolutions. As a construction manager, you are responsible for the growth, health and safety of your company. You want 2017 to be a big success. Here are a few resolutions that all construction managers can consider for the new year:

  • Get Healthy: For the first few weeks of the new year, gyms everywhere will be full. It’s never a bad time to get healthy, so why not start 2017 off right? And you can make your business healthier by focusing on successful projects from 2016. Remember that your construction business can start the year off healthy and stay healthy all year long.
  • Manage Your Budget: Even if you are bringing in more money and have a full project list for the year, spending more to get it done lowers your profitability. Look closely at the expenditures side of your balance sheet and make sure you’re investing in the equipment and strategies that will help you save money in the long run. Cut out waste now and you’ll benefit all year.
  • Think About Others: Your crews and employees count on you to provide them with the safe equipment, tools and working conditions that allow them to do their jobs efficiently and without incident. Review your work procedures and do a refresher course on the use of safety equipment with every member of your crew to make sure that 2017 is free from health and safety issues.
  • Reflect on Last Year: Take a moment to analyze your previous year. What were your biggest successes? What were your greatest difficulties? Find ways to capitalize on what you’re doing right as a construction manager. It may be as simple as investing in a new piece of equipment to allow your crews to work faster or to replace an old machine that is no longer performing adequately.
  • Don’t Settle for Good Enough: There’s always improvement to be made. As a construction manager, it’s your job to plan your worksites and ensure the crews and equipment are in place for success. Even if you consider 2016 a good year, set goals that will guarantee improvement in 2017. Consider aspects of your business such as machine maintenance and equipment upgrades to make this task easier.

At Fabick Cat®, we want to wish you a positive and successful 2017! We look forward to helping you with your equipment and service needs so we can create a positive and beneficial relationship. Contact us today and let us know how we can be part of another great year for your business!

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