Customer Responsibilities

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As a Fabick Cat Rental customer, we want to make you aware of some of the responsibilities you will have. Below is a list of renter requirements and policies.

  • Satisfactory proof of insurance coverage or Rental Equipment Protection coverage.
  • Service and maintain machine as specified in Lube and Maintenance Guide.
  • Provide all wearable supplies such as: fuel, oil, filters, and ground engaging tools (i.e., cutting edges, teeth and tips, bits, blades, consumables).
  • Return machine full of fuel. A fuel charge will be assessed if not returned full of fuel.
  • Clean machine. A cleaning charge will be assessed if machine is returned dirty.
  • Repair or replace any damages incurred to machine including glass. A charge will be incurred for any and all damage.
  • A charge will be incurred for abnormal tire wear, including: cuts, punctures, and abrasions.
  • A charge will be incurred for any accessories not returned.
  • A charge will be incurred for equipment returned beyond the specified rental period, or for any hours of use beyond those allotted for specified rental period.
  • Delivery charges are the responsibility of the rental customer.
  • Rates do not include applicable sales tax or insurance coverage.
  • Additional charges may be incurred if machine is exposed to severe application or material.
  • Exposure to and decontamination of hazardous materials and substances is the responsibility of the rental customer. Fabick Cat Rental must be informed of any such use prior to commencement of rental.
  • Unit rented may not be assigned, operated, or utilized by any party other than customer on file as in-force renter.

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