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December 17, 2015

Help Your Business Grow by Renting Quality Construction Equipment

C814765Your new construction business is gaining a reputation for excellent craftsmanship and quality customer service every day. Your client base is also growing faster than you had anticipated, which is simultaneously thrilling and challenging. Do you have the right equipment to manage the multitude of new projects coming your way?

Renting heavy industrial equipment offers your business various advantages for coping with the challenges of rapid growth. You may only need a skid steer for one or two excavation projects, or perhaps you want to try out a scissor lift to take on more jobs requiring elevated work surfaces.

Renting heavy machinery can help save you money, free you of the commitment to maintenance that buying new or used equipment requires, and gives you the opportunity to try out new devices before making a long-term investment in them. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common construction machines and consider how a rental could help your business in the short-term:

Skid Steers

Skid steers can help your organization in several different ways. Maybe you own an excavation business in Fenton and need to move earth to and from your project site. Alternatively, maybe you want to rent a skid steer for your Milwaukee business in advance of a major winter storm — so you’ll have a powerful machine that can clear a path through heavy, wet snow and keep your employees from slipping around. Skid steer loaders offer a fair amount of flexibility, because different attachments can be fitted to serve different lifting and loading purposes.

Rental Lifts

Your business might take on a couple of projects every year requiring overhead work. Though the jobs are lucrative, they might not be worth the cost of investing in a brand-new lift that will require maintenance and storage for years to come. In addition, it’s hard to know from client to client exactly what size lift will best suit the job. Sometimes, a one-person drivable lift might do the trick, while other times, you’ll need an articulated boom lift to access a high, hard-to-reach spot.

Choose a rental lift for your Missouri business, and you’ll have access to a wide range of choices that will suit your project and budget needs.


Backhoes are versatile machines capable of helping your business in several different functions. You may need one for a quick earthmoving project, or a unit may be useful for demolishing a structure as part of a larger project. Or maybe a huge winter storm just dumped a record-breaking amount of snow on your premises in Eau Claire – a backhoe rental would help your Wisconsin business clean up the mess and allow you to quickly resume business as usual.

Choose the Best Rental for Your Job

Fabick Cat carries a wide range of rental equipment. Our affordable, reliable Cat® equipment can help grow your business, whether it’s in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan or southern Missouri. We’re expanding in our territory and are reaching new areas throughout the upper Midwest.
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