Energy Time Shift Module

Energy Time Shift Module

Energy Time Shift Module

The Cat® energy time shift module is a scalable,
rapidly deployable energy storage system.
Energy storage systems can integrate with solar
or other renewable sources to store energy from
the overproduction of the renewable source for
use when the renewable source is not available.
The energy time shift module is designed for
applications that require lower power outputs for
longer durations.

Product Specs

Technical Summary

Time shifting of renewable energy, Grid forming, Grid firming/grid stabilization, Renewable smoothing, Peak shaving, Grid firming/grid stabilization, Facility backup, Spinning reserve
Module Type
1200 kWh (1000 kW module)
Rated Power
1000 kW


  • Time Shift Module
    • Cat BDP250 bi-directional power inverters
    • Energy storage batteries
    • Color HMI touchscreen
    • Remote communications via Modbus TCP
    • HVAC system to maintain 15°C to 27°C (60°F to 80°F) interior temperatures
    • Interior AC lighting and convenience receptacles
    • Fire suppression system

Optional Equipment

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