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Based on the successful CM43C Cat medium speed engine, Caterpillar Motoren, Kiel designed the CM46DF to meet and exceed the CM43C reliability and lifetime expectations, while maintaining it's class leading position regarding operational efficiency and reliability. Applying the same design philosophies, the CM46DF will share the same footprint with the CM43C providing the opportunity to retrofit CM43C engines. With it's clean design, the CM46DF does allow fast and easy access to system and components, supporting the operation, service and maintenance simplicity Cat products are known for. The CM46DF generator set is designed to operate on gaseous fuel with methane numbers down to MN 50 and liquid fuels as MGO, MDO, heavy fuels and crude oil. The CM46DF is certified to IMO Tier II standards and meets proposed IMO Tier III emissions levels while operating in gas mode. Care and attentionwas paid to customers demand for a safe and reliable operation at varying engine loads and gas qualities.

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Product Specs

Engine Specifications

Maximum Rating 14040 kV·A
Emissions IMO II/III
Stroke 24 in
Bore 18.1 in
Engine Control Electronic
Displacement 74266 in³
Aspiration Turbocharged- Aftercooled


Length 590 in
Height 301 in
Weight 550000 lb
Width 150 in