Machine Safety

September 17, 2015

How to Protect Your New, Used and Rental Equipment

Cat® equipment is designed to keep your operators protected during every use, and proper maintenance is the best way to keep your operators as safe as possible.

Checking equipment before each use, sticking to scheduled maintenance and making repairs before something breaks are your best options, no matter if your equipment is new, used or a rental. Here are some tips you can use to keep your equipment in great shape — whether you’ve just bought a new backhoe or are picking up some air conditioner/AC rentals for your site’s office.

Check Before Every UseCRw3Hsx

Heavy-duty, industrial equipment is typically used in areas where temperatures run high, friction happens consistently and machinery vibrates as it digs, pushes, grinds and more. All of these forces can lead to damage and breakdowns.

Operators should check equipment for damage and wear before they climb into a cab or turn handheld equipment on. Friction and temperature can cause equipment to warp and can lead to engine-parts wear. Equipment exposed to high levels of vibration can also cause belts and gears to slip out of alignment. A quick check before you use your equipment can ensure that new machinery lasts a long time, that used gear is safe and that your rental equipment was delivered properly. Even something as simple as air conditioner/AC rentals can cause headaches if you use the machine while the problem is present.

Lubricate Well

Heavy machinery has a lot of moving parts that are under significant amounts of stress. Stress and heat can lead to damage and danger at any point. Even if you’ve checked your new or used equipment before you start the day’s operation, a lack of lubrication can introduce risk.

Lubrication keeps gears, belts and hydraulic parts operating safely. Look at fluid levels to make sure your machine will operate safely. If you notice any oil or grease around pistons and seals, you should inspect your machinery for leaks. For rental equipment, it’s always smart to test engine and hydraulic lubricants before you first use the machine. Proper checking includes looking at reservoir levels, spotting leaks and ensuring the right type of lubricant has been used.

Keep It Clean

Safely operating your equipment requires the ability to spot any problems or leaks. It becomes difficult to do these checks if your machines are dirty or kept in dirty locations. Mud, grease and other buildup can also hide cracks in a pistol or a bucket that can cause major accidents. Keep your environment as clean as possible to increase safety and avoid damage to your equipment.

Create a Schedule With Your Partner

From AC rentals to used wheel loaders and new excavators, there’s a right maintenance schedule for your equipment. Working with a certified dealer like Fabick Cat means you can get the best equipment for your job, as well as the help you need to ensure your machinery is in great condition.

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