How to Become a Leader in the Construction World

October 27, 2016

Characteristics of a Leader

Leadership is an elusive quality in business, one that requires both ambitious big-picture thinking and an attention to the fine, day-to-day details that make or break an organization. As a small business owner, your ability to lead your team and stand out in your industry is a critical part of establishing yourself, earning the loyalty of staff and clients, and growing responsibly.

This is especially true in the construction industry, where high overhead costs, thin profit margins and intense competition for lucrative bids are common. Here are some ways you can position yourself for long-term success:

  • Look beyond the bottom line. Your organization consists of more than just your end-of-year profits. It’s the work you do and the people who do it. Don’t just take a job because it pays well — pursue projects you are passionate about and that encourage your staff to do work they are proud of. True leaders establish strong organizational values and take steps to build them into the day-to-day culture of their operation.800f04982a0c464db28b8a83c541a531
  • Become a sustainability expert. Green building will continue to be an important sector of the construction industry in the years to come. Smart contractors can position themselves for success by expanding their working capabilities to serve the resource-efficient, low footprint facilities of the future. At the same time, you can make sustainability a priority in your own fleet by leveraging technology and effective equipment management to reduce fuel consumption and position yourself for emissions compliance.
  • Encourage your staff to grow. Leaders don’t feel threatened when people close to them demonstrate talent and ambition. Instead, they nurture those abilities and are rewarded with loyalty. Always be on the lookout for people eager to take their career to the next level, and make available mentoring and apprenticeship opportunities that will allow them to do just that.
  • Make on-the-job safety a priority. Construction industry leaders know that an investment in the training and equipment necessary to create a safe workplace is a worthwhile one. Giving your crew the resources they need to work safely shows that they are respected. It’s also good for the big picture, too — a high profile incident on one of your job sites can cause significant reputational damage and expose you to considerable liability.

Building Partnerships With Construction Industry Leaders

Leaders are naturally drawn to other leaders they can collaborate with. At Fabick Cat, we’re always on the lookout for new clients who share our values and want to work together to build mutual success in the construction industry. Since 1917, we’ve been espousing a set of core values that include giving our clients the tools they need to succeed, supporting the communities we’re active in and nurturing success in our own organization.

Contact a representative near you to learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.

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