Forklift Rentals You Can Depend On

October 8, 2015


The Benefits of Forklift Rentals

Does your business regularly need power equipment like industrial forklifts? Before you start pricing out different forklift models, consider the benefits of forklift rentals.

  • Affordability — You can rent a forklift at a fraction of the cost to buy. Better yet, you aren’t on the hook for repair and maintenance costs, which can add up over the lifetime of a forklift.
  • Versatility — Not every job is the same. You may need a high load capacity for one job, but a higher lift height for another. It’s important to be able to rent the specific forklift needed for your specific job.
  • Flexibility — Rent for as long as you need. Knock out a forklift project in a day, or rent for weeks and beyond for longer term work.
  • Dependability — Each time you rent, you get a forklift that is well-maintained and highly functional. If you experience issues, our emergency repair crews are available 24-7 to provide immediate assistance.
  • Convenience — Get the forklift you need when you need it — and without the hassles of ownership.

You’ll also be able to move, lift and store pallets either indoors or outdoors when you rent a high-performance industrial forklift from Fabick Cat. Our clients use these rentals for unloading trucks, rearranging warehouse space, moving materials around construction sites and more.

Industrial Forklifts to Match Your Work

Many individuals choose to rent industrial forklifts because their work is diverse, and no two jobs require the same equipment. That’s why we offer a variety of equipment that features diverse capabilities. Our selection of industrial forklifts includes:

  • CYPD30 — A propane-fueled industrial forklift that offers a load capacity of 5,400 pounds and a lift height of 15 feet.
  • CPYD25 — An industrial forklift that runs on propane and features a load capacity of 4,600 pounds with lift height of 20 feet.

Why Fabick Cat?

Fabick Cat has been serving the St. Louis area since 1917. Our founding philosophy was to serve our customers better, and today we continue providing valuable products and services with the same client-focused mindset.

When you work with Fabick Cat, you’ll benefit from:

  • A team of representatives who emphasize service excellence
  • Innovative solutions that create value for you
  • Immediate and hassle-free assistance

Our desire is to develop long-term relationships with area businesses, becoming a trusted partner that can deliver on equipment needs quickly, effectively and dependably. We can provide access to industrial forklift rentals, as well as the other equipment you need to keep your business moving forward at full throttle.

Rent your industrial forklift online, or contact us to learn more about rental opportunities.

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