Increase the Lifespan of Your Fleet

July 16, 2015


Extending the Lifespan and Productivity of Your Fleet

Having the right equipment at your disposal is an operational necessity for many hard-working industries. It all starts with choosing the right type of equipment that is capable of efficiently and effectively tackling your diverse range of applications. But that’s not where it ends. Even when you purchase the highest quality new equipment from a leading manufacturer, preventative maintenance services are some of the best ways to ensure your equipment continues to operate at peak productivity and provide a maximum service life.

When your business is focused on long-term success, it pays to have a comprehensive plan for managing, monitoring and maintaining equipment. From only using dependable construction equipment parts to choosing skid steer and backhoe loader rentals to limit the stress you put on your key machinery, there are many effective ways to take care of your fleet.

When you’re putting together a successful preventative maintenance strategy, consider the following tips:

  • Assign a team to manage your fleet of heavy equipment or outsource responsibilities to a trusted local dealership with full-service capabilities.
  • Make an accurate, detailed assessment of your fleet in its current state, including equipment inventory, hours, service status and condition.
  • Research the most effective, modern ways for monitoring machinery, ordering construction equipment parts, scheduling maintenance services and more.
  • Partner with a reliable source for construction equipment parts, backhoe loader rentals and the complete range of services necessary for executing an effective preventative maintenance plan.

The Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of Your Equipment

While some aspects of caring for modern heavy equipment can be detailed and complex, many of the most effective techniques are simple to accomplish. The following is a short list of essential tips for keeping your equipment operating like new for the longest period of time:

  • Follow guides for regularly scheduled maintenance, component replacement and repairs.
  • Only use first-rate construction equipment parts that provide an exact fit.
  • Train your team to recognize common equipment issues and perform frequent inspections.
  • Complete maintenance issues promptly before they lead to costly downtime and more extensive repairs
  • Utilize modern equipment monitoring technology that notifies you when services are necessary.
  • Consider heavy equipment and backhoe loader rentals for applications that may wear down your permanent fleet.
  • Identify a provider capable of delivering all the equipment parts and services you need.

Contact Fabick Cat for Expert Advice on Maintaining Your Fleet

When you’re searching for ways to maximize your return on investment in construction and earthmoving machinery, Fabick Cat specializes in cost-effective solutions. From heavy equipment and backhoe loader rentals to new, used and remanufactured construction equipment parts, we offer everything you need. Contact us today for additional information on our complete range of products and services.

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