Energy-Saving Tips for Mid-Sized Businesses

May 27, 2015


How Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Cuts Costs

These days, running an energy-efficient business not only makes good sense for your bottom line, in many industries, it’s also a matter of compliance. For medium-sized businesses searching for ways to operate leaner and greener, and embracing the challenge of reducing your carbon footprint is more of a blessing than a curse. Not only will it help cut costs related to fuel and energy consumption, but it can also instill a sense of pride, ownership and responsibility that emanates throughout your entire organization.

If your company is ready to make the change, consider these energy-saving tips for mid-sized businesses.

Cultivate an Energy-Conscious Culture

Whether you run a financial institution or an interior design firm, the best way to influence your energy consumption is by getting your entire team to start thinking green. Create a comprehensive checklist of ways your employees can save electricity, including simple items like turning off lights at the end of shifts, powering down computers when they’re not in use, and unplugging unnecessary fixtures and cell phone chargers.

Consider appointing an energy task force to oversee education and provide insight into effective strategies for your business. By taking care of the small details that make the biggest difference — such as regularly servicing your heating and cooling system, keeping doors and windows closed when the HVAC system is running, and promptly plugging up drafts and cracks — you’re bound to see a noticeable uptick in efficiency.

the-light-bulb-428286_1280Update Your Bulbs, Fixtures and Appliances

If you want to cut as much as 75 percent off the total amount you pay each year to light your office or store, consider the advantages of switching from incandescent bulbs to long-lasting, high-efficiency fluorescent lights. In fact, many of the fixtures and appliances you’re using — such as desk lamps, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners — might be negatively impacting your utility bills each month. Make sure all applicable electronics running in your business are certified Energy Star products that are designed to meet current standards and save you money.

Choose Energy-Efficient Equipment

Another smart energy-saving tip for businesses that utilize construction equipment and other machinery is to choose power products designed with the latest technology. Whether your business involves shipping heavy equipment parts, fulfilling online orders, or storing and protecting sensitive data, US EPA Tier IV compliant engines provide enhanced performance, lower cost of ownership and advancements in fuel efficiency.

Before you buy a new machine or other piece of equipment, take a closer look at the level of efficiency you’re getting under the hood.

Turning Over a Green Leaf

Thanks to modern innovation, it’s easier to be energy-efficient than ever before. And that means a cleaner, more sustainable environment and lower energy bills for businesses. Start turning over a greener leaf by trying these energy-saving tips today.

To learn more about fuel-efficient heavy equipment, parts, online ordering and other comprehensive energy-saving tips, visit Fabick Cat today.

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