Emergency Service, When and Where You Need It

May 16, 2016

There’s no question that, when one of your vital assets breaks down, emergency service you can count on is essential. Whether your industry is construction, mining, agriculture or anything else, downtime is something you can’t afford if you want to stay competitive in a tough economy. Add to that the increasing unpredictability of weather in the Midwest, and it’s clear that a partnership with a reliable service provider is more than just a luxury.

Service When Disaster Strikesemergency

The better you understand the risks inherent to managing a fleet of heavy equipment, the better prepared you will be to respond in an emergency. Let’s look at two potential scenarios in which fast, professional emergency service can make all the difference:

  • Following heavy flooding or a snowstorm. Extreme weather is becoming increasingly common all around the country — a fact that has far-reaching implications for a wide range of businesses. When heavy rains, snows or winds hit your job site, emergency service can keep you running at full capacity, whether it’s by delivering a generator or other emergency power solution, or by equipping your fleet with additional parts or attachments to help you work in rough conditions.
  • When repairs are necessary to a key asset. Even the best-maintained heavy equipment can break down unexpectedly. When that happens, field service can mean the difference between meeting your goals and facing a delay on a key project. That’s why it’s important to have a service partner who knows your equipment well — if a full repair isn’t possible in the field, a temporary workaround may be able to keep you productive until work can be scheduled off-site.

You can’t fully predict when either of the above scenarios will affect you, but there are steps you can take in advance to ensure that, when they do, you will be able to react appropriately. Developing an emergency response plan for bad weather is important, as is investing in preventative maintenance for your fleet. Most important, however, is choosing a service partner.

Fabick Cat Can Help

The Fabick family of companies was founded in 1917 with a goal to “build the greatest service organization of its kind.” As the world has changed over the past century, we’ve expanded and advanced our service capabilities accordingly. We’ve recently enlarged our territory to encompass all of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, as well as portions of Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma. Throughout this region, we can provide mobile field service from our team of Cat® factory-trained technicians, as well as dedicated repairs at more than 200 heavy equipment service bays.

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