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Manufacturing plants, pipeline contractors, petroleum refineries, general and electrical contractors plus many more all rely on compressed air to run their tools and other equipment. To support these vital contributors to our local economy, Fabick Power Systems sells a variety of stationery, portable, oil-free, electric and high-pressure compressors, as well as a full selection of accessories such as dryers, piping, hoses and fittings.

Fabick Power Systems represents the finest in industrial, diesel and electric compressor products working with trusted names like ELGI, Sulliar, Pneumatech and Chicago Pneumatic. Let us provide the equipment that will keep you productive and profitable by checking out an overview of the inventory below.

ELGI Industrial Air Compressors

Fabick Power Systems offers industrial Air Compressors that range from 5-500HP, Belt or Direct Drive, Variable Frequency Drive, and Oil Free systems.
ELGI EN Series: EN07-EN15
ELGI EN Series: EN18-EN30
ELGI EN Series: EN Duplex
ELGI EG Series: EG11-EG22
ELGI EG Series: EG30-EG45
ELGI EG Series: EG55-EG75
ELGI EG Series: EG90-EG160
ELGI EG-V Series: EG11V-EG45V
ELGI EG-V Series: EG55V-EG160V

Please note, ELGI offers a standard 5 year warranty on Belt Drive Compressors and a lifetime warranty on Direct Drive Compressors.

Sullair Diesel Portable Compressors

Fabick Power Systems offers portable compressors ranging from 185 to 1600 cfm with output pressures from 100-500psi. All designed for years of use in extreme field conditions.
Sullair 260
Sullair 375 iT4
Sullair 900 iT4
Sullair 1300H
Sullair 1450HH
Sullair 1600H
Sullair 185 ABT
Sullair Blowout Season Flyer

Pneumatech Air System Management

Fabick Power Systems offers total solutions to your Air System Management needs including: Dryers, Filters, Drains, Nitrogen & Oxygen Regenerators.
Cycling Refrigerated Dryers – AC15-AC2100
Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers – AD10-AD4200
Non-Cycling Hi-Temp Refrigerated Dryers – ADA25-ADA125
ConservAIR S Series – S30-S600
Blower Purge Regenerative Dryers – PB250-PB4400
Desiccant Dryers – PH55HE-PH310HE
Nitrogen Generators – PMNG80-PMNG500
PNL Series – PNL200-PNL3600
Fiberbed Mist Eliminators – PMR85-PMR17500

Other Air Compressor Needs?

Fabick Power Systems offers Sullair and Atlas Copco Portable Compressors, as well as a full list of products from ELGI, Pneumatech and Chicago Pneumatic.
We also offer AirNet Piping

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