Attachments for Wintertime Weather

February 11, 2016

The Best Vehicular Attachments for Dealing with Wintertime WeathersnowWT_2015_NY_012_a-S

Winter: Here at Fabick Cat headquarters, it can deal a big blow. Ice, snow and sleet can slow down your operations and cause a litany of hazards for you and your employees.

While we wait out Jack Frost’s icy sting over the next few months here in Fabick Cat country, let’s take a moment to consider a few Cat® attachments for your work vehicles to help you and your staff deal with wintertime inconveniences.

Cat is renowned for manufacturing rock-solid heavy machinery that’s provided owners of construction and industrial businesses with reliability and excellent value for over one hundred years. Their line of vehicular attachments is no exception — they’re solidly forged equipment designed to eliminate threats and inconveniences generated by harsh winter weather.

The next time a big winter storm hits, fight back. Here are a few attachments for you to consider outfitting your fleet with as we battle through the coldest months of the year:

Sectional Snow Pushes

If you own a skid steer loader, multi-terrain loader or compact track loader, consider equipping it with a Cat sectional snow push. Available in 8’, 10’ and 12’ sizes — all with SSL coupler interfaces — these units will help your vehicles safely move snow out of the way, allowing your staff the clearance they need to complete their important projects.

Snow Blowers

Blast that powdery white stuff out of the way with Cat’s snow blowers. Available in a few different versions depending on your need for throw distance and fitment, they’re reliable, dedicated units that’ll get the job done.

Snow Plows

Snap a Cat snow plow onto the front of your work trucks and clear paths to help your employees safely navigate vehicles through a snowy winter wonderland.

Cat offers snow plows to fit a wide range of vehicle sizes and types, so you can rest assured your fleet is ready to handle any mess Mother Nature can deal out.

Backhoe Buckets

Though not exclusively made for snow removal, backhoe buckets are more than capable of moving mass amounts of the snow out of the way.

They’re also a great investment in an all-season tool capable of handling many different types of digging and excavation projects.

Cat offers a range of backhoe front and back buckets that can accommodate machines of various sizes.

Ready for a Snow Removal Attachment? We’re Here to Help!

Fabick Cat has served businesses with quality Cat equipment for nearly one hundred years — we work to ever serve our customers better.

We offer the above attachments for purchase and have a wide array of heavy machinery for rent should you need snow removal equipment for a short period of time.

To learn more about the attachments we have available for dealing with tough winter weather, contact us today.

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