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September 3, 2015


The Best Equipment for Your Excavation Project

The roads, overpasses and buildings we use all need a strong foundation to handle the daily wear and tear, and that foundation starts with excavation. Today, the construction industry’s excavation experts help with grading, digging and moving earth so a building’s foundation is placed safely and smoothly.

The excavation industry is all about shaping the Earth so it can be best used by people. Sometimes, it could involve excavating a gravel pit to help create roads or smoothing the plot of land where your new home will be built. Because there are a variety of excavation jobs, construction companies use a variety of tools — from backhoes and skid steers to compact track loaders and mini excavators.

Getting the most out of your excavation project is as simple as selecting the best equipment.

The Most Common Excavation Equipment

There’s a correct tool for every job. Some of the most common pieces of equipment in the excavation industry include:

  • Skid Steers — Skid steer loaders or skid steers are small machines with lift arms that can scoop, dig and carry any material on your job site. Scoops can quickly grab what’s on the ground, such as gravel, and reach high to load it into a truck. They can also push it around to the right location on your site.
  • Backhoes — Backhoe loaders are an industry standard for digging, creating trenches, backfilling areas and moving any material around your work zone. Backhoes are commonly used to clear out land for a new building or complete landscaping and roadwork.
  • Mini Excavators — Mini excavators feature a bucket as well as a base scoop so you can dig, move materials and grade land with ease. These small machines use tracks for maneuverability and minimal impact when they drive. Mini excavators are a perfect fit for remote locations or areas where large equipment is too heavy to use.
  • Compact Track Loaders Loaders are a smart tool choice when you need to push around materials, level and grade a surface, or simply move around dirt and mulch for a home’s larger flowerbed. Compact track loaders are best for small areas such as residential landscaping and roadwork. Compact track loaders are light and have a low profile to help minimize any ground disturbance to sensitive areas.
  • Multi-Terrain Loaders — Multi-terrain loaders are stronger machines that can safely get to remote worksites that compact track loaders can’t access. They’re designed to go over steeper grades and move across bumpier terrain before you put them to work digging, pushing, scooping and moving.

Where Can I Get These Excavators?

Construction companies all over the U.S. turn to Cat® equipment for their worksite equipment. Fabick Cat stocks all the excavation industry equipment you and your team need throughout Missouri. You can find options for new, used and rental equipment. Contact our team today.

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